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Thread: Parastep System

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    Parastep System

    Has anyone tried the parastep system i just recieved a note from my old rehab that they are having a 3 month program. I called and i am going to be evaluated for it. They say the parastep system works by delivering electrical stimulation through surface electrodes that are controlled by a microcomputer attached to a walker. This computer controls the sequence of contractions that enable the function of sit to stand, right step, left step, and stand to sit. If anyone has tried this system can you let me know thanks anty
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    Sorry to be slow with this one, Anty. I tried one down here at Woodrow Wilson. You almost have to have no sensory in order to tolerate the stim. I had a rough go of it cuz I had too much sensory in the left leg. We had turned it down to lowest output, and it was both too painful, and not enough umph to move legs. It does work. I saw a short news blurb on it for one individual who could ambulate with the help of the Parastep. I think you gotta be a complete to use this rig.

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    I would want to do that.

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    thanks john i am going for a evaluation monday may 8th to see if i can i dont know if i can take the stim i am incomplete so i shall see. I will try anything as i am sure anyone would. ......kevin i told you about good shepard just call its in ALLENTOWN any info you need just ask. I WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW I DO. ANTY
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    Yes, keep us updated Anty! Good luck today!
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    lynn it next week lol thanks i will let everyone know anty
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    Ablegaitor / dynamic parapodium

    has anyone tried the ablegaitor? I think it is referred to as the dynamic parapodium?? Anyway, I read about some guy who actually walked a mile using it. There is a picture here.

    It's also on

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    Where I have been doing biofeedback they also have the parastep. I won't be doing it this year, but most likely next. But of what I heard of it seems like it would be good. I think they told me you have to have really good upper body strength. Which Im really working on upper body strength so next year I should be okay to do it. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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    They told me I don't qualify.

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    I did not go today my powerchair broke down. Made a new appt. for monday the 15th for eval for the para step. I hope to get my chair back soon motor went on fire hot hot hot lol

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