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Thread: The Reeves’ legacy still shines

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    The Reeves’ legacy still shines

    Southard: The Reeves’ legacy still shines
    By Chaz Southard/ Sitting In
    Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - Updated: 10:13 AM EST

    When I awoke a few weeks ago to hear the news that Dana Reeves (wife of the late Christopher Reeves) had passed - I was heartbroken. Maybe it was because I so strongly admired her selfless qualities of compassion, courage and hope. Or maybe it was because I felt sorry for her family and her son or the fact that she will never get to see the benefits of all of her work, dedication and altruism.

    Or it could have been because I looked to her as an cultural icon carrying the torch of "hope" for a cure from my own paralytic situation - but more than likely it was a combination of all these feelings and thoughts that filled my soul with tears.

    It is well-known that the Reeves’ were tireless advocates for the disabled community, educators on the future of science and promoters of visionary research. Together this couple armed with passion waged war on the paradigm ’impossible’ and re-sculpted the word "hope" despite the many nay-sayers and pessimists.

    Together with cutting-edge researchers, they began to dissect the myth "that spinal cord injury is a lifelong sentence in a wheelchair," and instilled inspiration and hope into the lives of many desperate and suffering people worldwide. But their mission and cause had only begun! Now that they are gone - what’s next?

    The Reeves’ lit the torch, but it is morally imperative for us to keep it lit and allow it to burn more brilliantly. Last year, paralyzed Americans from around the nation came together with Dana Reeve, and politicians and scientists, to urge the most compassionate of our leaders to take one step closer towards the goal of a cure for paralysis by simply cosponsoring The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (CRPA).

    My supportive family and I were among the participants. We met with Sen. Kerry and explained the urgency and importance of passing this bill. He was extremely supportive. The CRPA is a non-controversial bill that would advance research, rehabilitation and quality of life programs for paralyzed people and their families. It would also establish a clinical trial rehabilitation network where treatments - some that have successfully reversed paralysis in laboratory rats - could be performed on humans.


    To keep the torch burning and make a real difference in the lives of many, please contact all your friends nationwide and together, call, write and/or email ( your members of Congress and ask them to sponsor the CRPA - this year!

    Chaz Southard, 26, is a quadriplegic, blogger and grassroots activist who passionately pursues his goal to leave his wheelchair behind. Email him at

    Much more.
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    Leif- thanks so much for posting -- I think the article will probably should go under. Advocacy legislation and activism -- -- fortunately, I've received some really good feedback(mostly private e-mail) from a lot of local people contacting their congressman.
    I'm hoping to hear back more.

    do you know how to move this article?
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    hey chaz.....great job and keep getting that ink

    soon that northeast corner will be educated enough to give a presidential canidate a real lecture.....hope it don't take that though.

    rock on

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    Hi Chaz. To move the thread to FLA a moderator has to do that, but I thought more people would see your article here in the cure forums.

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