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Thread: tires squeaking.......

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    Hey tooley,

    I think this may be a function of the newer Marathon Evo's as I've noticed this myself with my chair at work.

    I wonder if changing camber or toe would have an effect?

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    I've read this whole thread and I'm surprised no one has found something to help stop or reduce tire squeaking. With all the different wheelchair tires available and all the different floor cleaning products, you'd think someone would have found the right combination. I have tile floors and the squeaking seems to get worse the cleaner the floor is (I guess that's where the term squeaky clean comes from). I'm far from being a clean freak but even a slob like me has to clean his floors once in a while. I'm still hoping someone will share some helpful tips.

    btw - I did read the post by Chris, saying Bona-X would help but didn't anyone agree or disagree.
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    My tires never squeak unless I'm coming in out of the rain. Then they are obnoxious.
    I believe it's because running around in rain cleans all the crap off the rubber which then can stick real well.
    Assfault tile is the worst. (asphalt is not a rectal disease!)
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