I contacted the Reeve Paralysis Foundation about why the CRPA has languished in Congress for the last 4+ years. Here is the response:

There is nothing controversial about the legislation, and no one person is standing in the way of the bill's consideration. The big problem is making this bill a priority in light of the many priorities in Congress these days. This time around, your ask to Members of Congress should be:

Senators: "Please urge Senator Enzi (Chairman of the Senate HELP Committee) to consider the CRPA this Spring, and Senator Frist to bring the bill to the floor for a vote."

Representative: "Please urge Chairman Barton (Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee) to consider the CRPA as a 'stand-alone' bill this Spring."

You should appeal to your Members of Congress to make passage of this legislation a priority. To cement the legacy of Christopher Reeve as a strong advocate for research, rehabilitation and quality of life programs for all people living with paralysis.

With the media, you can focus on the divisiveness in Congress and why this non-controversial, bi-partisan bill should be considered in Congress to bring the parties together.

Back to my soapbox...
It amazes me congress can mobilize to reunite a wounded soldier and her bomb-sniffing dog, but the same Congress won't show similar compassion for the 70+ soldiers that have been severely paralyzed due to the "War on Terror".

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jamie Dana was reunied with her dog by language inserted in a defense appropriations bill, but all of congress knew about the story.

Anyway, it will take YOU telling your story to the Legislators in DC to change minds and get the CRPA voted on and passed in 2007.

See everyone on May 2nd!