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Thread: SCI_Step physical therapy

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    SCI_Step physical therapy

    I am a C6-7 incomplete for a little over two years now. In March of this year I started attending SCI-Step. Althought the therapy is extremely physical and demanding I would recommend it to anyone interested in futhering their recovery. Through the therapists hard work and determination I have noticed improvements in my over all upperbody strenght, trunk control, and walking ability. If nothing else check out the site and see all of the participants accomplishments, you will be AMAZED!!

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    Where do you go? And I have to ask... How do you afford it? I looked at the program and it looks promising. I sent an email for more info but I never heard back. Is your injury complete? My husband is T6 complete.

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    Goto My Insurance Covers Some Of The Cost. I Am A Incomplete.

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    Thanks for the kind words Kevin!! Keep up the great work!

    ChopperChick-when did you send an email? I take care of all inquiries and apoligize if you did not receive anything. I do not remember seeing anything from you. Pleae email me at

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    Great job on those laps buddy!
    Keep up the good work!

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