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Thread: Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans for Cures

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    Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans for Cures

    from the scripts for leg. visits thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Faye
    In case you missed it there is a group out there representing the most recent paralyzed soldiers: Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans for Cures at

    They need our support big time! As I've reported before: Senator Martinez made time to step out of his office to greet some visiting Vets, but was unwilling to meet with our Florida contingent on the CRPA last year.

    By supporting Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans for Cures, we will appeal to the legislator's patriotism and help ourself at the same time.
    Purely out of curiousity, what exactly is this "group" doing? I've heard nothing about/from them outside of your posts, Faye.

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    Noah Ryan/Noah is a CareCure member who came up with the idea and mission of Check out this old link:
    Hurricane Katrina sidetracked their mission but Noah Ryan did get the website up in anticipation.

    I have looked at the site but do not see that they have anything happening anytime in the near future. Maybe Noah can let us know IVCure current status.
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    Cool, thanks Cheesecake. I had forgotten about Noah (where'd he go?). Their site is a bit dated... one reason I was/am curious.

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