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Thread: Back from hospital stay, missed you

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    Back from hospital stay, missed you

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    Hey, Jo! I'm so glad to see you again on the board. I've missed you and have been wondering how you are.

    You had more than a major rough time in the hospital, but thankfully that's behind you. To say it's good you skipped the versed is an understatement. I shudder to think what could have happened had you not been able to tell the doctor he was hitting something wrong during the procedure. You're a braave, strong woman to have gone it without the narcs.

    I'm glad for you that you have made a decision you are so comfortable with. While this could not have been easy, everyone has to do what she is comfortable with.

    The ways you were thought of on your birthday attest to the kind of friend, woman and wife you are. Flowers are always the best!

    The beach tote you are making sounds great. Post pics if you can when it's finished.

    We're here but once and this is not a dress rehearsal. I admire your strength, character and joie de vivre.

    **Hugs always**

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    Being afraid of your heart stopping is understandable considering everything that's been happening. Hopefully you're resting more easily when you sleep now.

    Your Easter brunch sounds lovely. Enjoy yourself and your husband!

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