Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know after much research and discussion I finally got measured and ordered my chair yesterday. I ordered a TiLite ZRA which came highly recommended and was especially recommended because it's adjustable. I think part of my delay was convincing myself that the chair is the right answer for me. I have convinced myself and am looking forward to a more productive and easier life with my chair. After reading the thread on Ti Customer Service this morning I am a bit frightened but hopefully will get what we ordered. We ordered a plain foam cushion for now and as I get more knowledgeable we will change the cushion since I have full feeling in my butt it was not considered thatr important.

One of the things that surprised me in talking to the customer service representatives from the various manufacturers and I made many calls they were probably sick of my questions (LOL) was that none of the men or women were in chairs themselves which made answering questions a bit difficult.

I ordered my chair through the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and will do some outpatient rehab and training there when my chair arrives.

Once again I would like to express my appreciation to all the folks who have helped me with advice.

I have been reading up on some of the topics over the last couple of weeks and will post in both relationships and life from the perspective of a non SCI person