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Thread: My Day

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    My Day

    9:10 am: My aide is washing my hair and as she starts to rinse the shampoo out, the water stops. She checks the kitchen taps and they aren't working either. We wait for a few minutes then call the manager. The manager says "Oh yes the water is off for repairs until one pm. We put a notice under your door last week."

    We later find the notice in the every increasing mound of junk mail on my kitchen table. I suspect my nephew was here when it was shoved under the door and he absent mindedly put it in the junk mail pile without alerting anybody to its presence. My aide manages to semi-rinse out my hair with 2 bottles of water that somebody thankfully left in my fridge and the remains of the morning tea water from the kettle.

    10:30: I go to the university to get some forms I need to fill out and to meet an old professor of mine for coffee. She might possibly be the most outspoken and un-shy person I know. While sitting in the food court a table of secretaries on their coffee break (some of whom I know since I used to work at the university) keep looking over at us (me) which was making me more than a little uncomfortable. Apparently they were talking about me as well, although I couldn't hear them.

    My professor says "excuse me a minute," gets up, walks over to the table, and tells them in a rather loud and scary voice that if they are going to talk about other people they might want to at least lower their voices so said people can't hear them. Then she tells them staring is unbecoming. She then walks away from them. The ladies at the table are mortified and I am not quite sure what I feel. Later on as they are leaving to go back to work, they almost run each other over in an attempt not to look at us. I think they thought she might beat them up if they even looked at me accidentally.

    I was a little horrified at what she did at the time. But the more I think about it, they were being very rude and that bothers me more. Each time one of them turned around to look at me, I wanted to fall into a giant hole. I know you can't avoid people like this entirely. But its stuff like this that makes me reluctant to go out in public.

    And the university was out of the forms I needed--financial aid forms that need to be filled out as soon as possible. They "might" have some more by Monday said the person in the office cheerfully while both me and my mom groaned.

    Noon: Still feeling like I want to fall into that giant hole, I meet my friend at a park not all that far from my apartment for a stroll. After what happened at the university I wanted to cancel and just go home and hide away. But my mom talked me into not doing that. So I decide to try and make the best of what has been a crap day so far. Plus I had been stuck inside for 4 days with non-stop rain so was going a little stir crazy and really did need to get out.

    Anyway the trip to the park turned out to be better than I expected. After being stuck in my manual chair for a very very long time, I was finally able to get out somewhere in my powerchair. That made things a lot easier on those with me and were were able to go a longer distance and even got to explore a few non-paved paths. My OT gave me a quick refresher lesson in the gym the other day but I still drove like a drunken Mr. Magoo. After running my mom and friend off the path a few times and nearly ending up down a steep embankment my mom made me relinquish control of the chair to her. That stung but it was still good to have some independence again finally. I guess its back to the gym with the pylons for me.

    As with the rest of my recent outings, this one was very bittersweet. I used to ride my bike and rollerblade in this park all the time. There weren't a lot of people but we did pass a group of large group of roller bladers laughing and obviously having a blast as they wobbled their way down the paths (most looked to be beginners). I have to admit that I wanted to cry when I saw them. Stupid but it really brought out my emotions. I was okay with the bikers and others we passed. But that group of roller bladers was hard to see for some reason.

    We got lost. It's a huge park while many different paths. I hadn't been to this particular part of the park since 2005 (although I was in another part last weekend). In the summer of that year nearly all the paths and bridges had been wiped out in a massive flood. They have for the most part been rebuilt (some as recent as this month), but some follow a different layout that I remembered. After passing what seemed like endless maps, we decided to stop and check our position at the next one. And then, of course, we didn't pass another map for a very long time and had no clue where we were. So it was an adventure and we unintentionally went quite a bit farther than planned. But it was all good. We did eventually find another map and made our way back to the parking lot.

    With the exception of quite a nice variety of birds, we didn't see any wildlife, although it was not really the right time of day to see anything. But nice scenery. This part was absolutely devastated by the 2005 floods. The river is running high and fast again and threatening to flood. I hope it doesn't. I had a nice afternoon there today.

    So that was my day. Getting out to a place like this can do wonders to make things a bit more bearable.
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    Your pictures always come out so nice.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Sorry to hear your day started out on a sour note O.J, but judging by those pics it made it easier to forget about those sour notes.

    Don't let the public jesters get the best of you. Your class outdoes there ignorance.

    Keep ling.
    If I was meant to have wheels under my ass, what the hell are these legs for?

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    At first, I thought you were going to say that they had been staring at you cause you still had shampoo in your hair! lol

    That's what I call a PARK! Be-u-ti-ful

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    Last ones

    Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures. She stopped to snap a shot everytime I asked her to. Which was a lot. She was very patient with me

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    Orange. I liked your photos much, seems like you live in a nice place. But I fancied the second photo on post#2. Those flower don’t give a damn (don’t remember the name in English).

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    Hey OJ,

    Cool that your day got better as it progressed.

    The "great outdoors" (trees & stuff) is like a great cathedral. Those places have the power to create quiet calm and refresh the spirit. Things like ignorant gawkers and unavailable forms recede into unimportance, if only for the moment.

    The park looks great, and the photos show it well. Glad you decided to carry on with your outing. Thanks for letting us see that special place.

    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it."~Edgar Allan Poe

    "Dream big, you might never wake up!"- Snoop Dogg

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    WOW! Everything in Texas is big, but we don't have parks like that.
    That's out back to us. Of course I don't have a way to ride. So I miss it.
    I love your pics Oj! Tell your mom thanks, she really did good!
    I think your professor is right on. They should be put in their place.
    It's not cool to hurt someone or make them feel self conscious.
    Not that you had any reason to feel that way. You don't!
    I don't get it people acting that way. No one made them judge or jury.
    Their day will come. I'm so glad your day ended right.
    I know you had to be feeling good after that stroll.
    Thanks for sharing Oj. You're a sweetheart.

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    Oh, and this brings back memories, my labrador when I was a kid used to run over that grass, like that, like crazy among us kids. It was really nice. Green grass, with underlayed old grass. Like we thought it was supposed to be.

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