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Thread: antibiotic resistant infection

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    antibiotic resistant infection

    My UTI has gotten to the point where I am resistant to cipro, I am resistant to lavaquim, the last round of macrodantin didn't work, and my cultures are still coming back positive. Nothing preventive ever works on me, and I am running out of options.

    I have one last prescription for erythromycin left. If that doesn't work, I don't know what to do.

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    SLA - There are several IV antibiotics when your oral options run out of steam. Have you had a culture and sensitivity done on this latest infection? I'm taking one of the IV meds right now....called gentamicin. It's an aminoglycoside like tobramicin. These meds are given in an IV once or twice per day or intramuscular three times per day. Basically, a pain in the ass.

    As the bacteria become resistant to different meds, their changing mechanism often leaves them sensitive to meds they were once resistant to. This is a very good thing.

    Some meds will cause bacteria to become dependent on them. Then, when you stop the medicine, all the bacteria die off. Hey, whatever works.

    An infectious disease specialist can usually find a way to kill any infection because there will be meds that when used together, in serial or parallel, will often work where any one med will not.

    Preventive measures haven't worked well on me, either. I'm going to try to see if colloidal silver will help. I plan to take massive Vitamin C, massive cranberry powder, Uroquid Acid#2 and colloidal silver....all at the same time.

    Do you use a foley? If so....getting an augmentation with a new entry for cathing would be a huge improvement for you. If you straight cath it might still be a big help. I am very seriously considering the augmentation for myself and so is a friend here in NJ. Maybe a bunch of us could all get it done at the same time and hang together while recovering.

    Something we really need to get urologists to try is something Marmalady has mentioned a few times. She says that her son's urologist treats the bladder with Neosporin for a few days when he gets an infection resitant to oral meds. This causes the bacteria to morph and then they become sensitive to oral meds again. Pretty cool. I wish all urologists knew about it. I'm gonna try to get some documentation on it.

    Maybe the biggest development will be bladder vaccination with benign, non-pathogenic bacteria. Your average, garden-variety, bladder infecting bacteria emit toxins that are bad for your body. However, by colonizing the bladder and urethra with more friendly [and hopefully hardy] bacteria, it can really cut down on infections. I keep waiting to hear about this becoming available.

    There's a bunch of us on these forums all facing the same problem. I can think of five of us without even trying. Multi-resistant bacteria have got the attention of the WHO and drug manufacturers, too. Steps are being taken. OTOH, I get really freaked out about it since I'd ideally like to live another forty years. Why do advancements take so damn long?

    Do you have a good urologist? You need one. On Monday I'll try very hard to get the scoop on Neosporin. Maybe if a few of us are all working on it we can get the very best information figured out.

    Hang in there!

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    I tried the Neosporin irrigation procedure already, and I ended up with an infection anyway while I was on it. I go see the urology people at Kessler who should know what they are doing, but they are running out of things to try for me.

    I use a foley b/c of lack of other options. The urologist considered a bladder augmentation w/a suprapubic catheter for me, but then I also heard with an indwelling catheter all the time the bladder would just end up shrinking again. Plus, I'd just really rather not have surgery if I can avoid it.

    Apparently my latest culture still shows sensitivity to macrodantin altho the last round of macrodantin didn't seem to work for me.

    I'm not feeling any dysreflexia etc. at the moment, but my catheter is leaking - a lot - and they say it's due to bladder spasms from the infection but I'm not sure if it's related or not.

    I heard about the so-called UTI "vaccine" too. Is that already available or is it still in clinical trials?

    I dunno...the prospect of multi-resistant bacteria has really got me pretty scared. Not that I'm afraid to go, it just seems like a nasty way to go tho...

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    Don't worry they have 2nd or 3rd generation antibiotics they keep locked up in the safe(this keeps it out of the general popultion)and before you get resistant to these, others will be developed.

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    Starlight Angel - Have you had an infectious disease consult? How long have you been on the antibiotics? As noted in earlier posts by KLD, her agency keeps a SCI patient on an antibiotic for a longer period (10 - 14 days), than the non-disabled population, for UTIs. I would urge you, however, to discuss the above noted consultation with your doctor. CRF

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    hi starlight angel, our stories sound very much alike. i too had a foley and had become resistent to all oral anti-biotics. my dr. sent me to an infectious disease dr. who put me on iv anti-biotics. he strongly urged me to consider an ileal conduit. i was reluctant because i don't do well with surgery. but after needing 3 courses of iv drugs in 4 months i was left with no options.
    in november i had an ileal conduit. i had serious complications but am doing fine now. i still get infections and they go to my kidneys but we are now trying something a bit different. i take uro-quid 2x's a day and 1 trimox also. it seems to be helping. after having 5 infections since january this is such a relief. i also had an infection in my central line iv it turned out to be psuedomonas which is what i believe has been growing in my urine. it turns everything blue! and boy does it smell terrible. since the new treatment all of that is gone. if you would like to chat more e-mail me at kathy

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    Thanks. I will pursue the ID consult. BTW, I NEVER start with antibiotics unless I'm feeling especially bad - by which I mean super-bad spasms and chills, which usually signal precursor to a fever - b/c the antibiotics usualy make me feel pretty horrible themselves too.

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    hi, i am the same way. i resist taking anti-biotics until i can't take the pain any longer. my original urologist didn't believe in treating any uti in a sci person unless you were very sick. best wishes in your quest. kathy

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