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    Happy friggin' Birthday, Kiran.

    Like you said in a previous thread, we will celebrate in DC.

    (did I over emoticon this post?)

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    happy birthday kiran have a great day anty
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Today, I will eat one Cheesiepoof in your honor!

    Have a great day!
    "Your love is just the antidote when nothing else will cure me" ~Sarah McLachlan

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    Happy Birthday to the other K girl!!! Hope it's a good one! Now not too much studying, tests, and more PARTY time. That's an order!!! Have a blast!!!

    Love ya!!
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Satsriakal Kiran,
    Wish you a very very Happy Birthday. Hey, you know what, today is 'Baisakhi' (your parents must be having fond memories of this festival) - so your birthday is on a very auspicious day - cool.
    Happy Birthday and also a Happy Baisakhi to you and your family
    Wish you a great day and a great year ahead.
    Best Wishes

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    Have a good one Kiran

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    Happy birthday K!!!

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    Kiran - one of my favorite CC members - have a GREAT Birthday!

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    bon anniversaire!

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    Happiest of happies! Enjoy.

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