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Thread: Prayers for Leo

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    Leo, I share the thoughts and sentiments of those who have posted before me. I can't begin to imagine the heartache you must be going through, but please know I'm proud to call you my friend.

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    Leo, real sorry to read this. Remember Leo, the constellation ironically is best seen in the sky in April. Leo the lion had a hide that could not punctured by iron, bronze or stone. May your strength carry you through this difficult time of life.

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    I am so sad for your terrible loss. Please know you and yours are in my prayers!

    Love, Mary

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    Oh, Leo. Words can't cover this. I'm so, so sorry.
    "God warns us not to love any earthly thing above Himself, and yet He sets in a mother's heart such a fierce passion for her babes that I do not comprehend how He can test us so."
    ~Geraldine Brooks, "Year of Wonders"

    "Be kind...for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
    ~Philo of Alexandria

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    Hey Leo

    If only there were adequate words... We'd have been thinking of you at rally time anyway, but will be even moreso now. You're a great guy and it hurts to see bad things happen to great people.



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    Oh, Leo. I am so sorry. Wise.

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    my heart aches for you Leo.
    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    Leo, I am so very sorry for this terrible loss. I can only imagine the sorrow you are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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    Geez..Sorry Leo...Hang in there....

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