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Thread: Any cause for concern?

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    Any cause for concern?

    As one SCI guy, I void spontaneously and use a leg bag. From time to time, I notice small white granules in the urine as I empty the leg bag. (I am told these granules vary in amount and frequency based on my fluid intake.) Last night, I noticed what appeared to be white, almost translucent, tissue in my urine. (It floated in the leg bag as I prepared to drain it and stayed intact while floating.) I noticed about three such pieces-two were about an inch long, and one was closer to two inches long. I know that this tissue was not something already in the bag because it was a new bag that I set-up earlier in the day. What could this tissue possibly be? How concerned about it should I be?

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    This is not an unusual occurence. Just as the skin on your body sloughs off and is replaced by new tissue, so does the lining of your bladder. The cells are being replaced by new ones. Any recent "trauma" to the lining of the bladder, such as a UTI will result in an increase in this tissue once the healing has taken place. Unless the appearance of this tissue is accompanied by symptoms of UTI or the appearance of pus in the urine, it is nothing to worry about. (EMK)

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    Thanks for the input, SCI Nurse. But here I am, four days later, and I'm still experiencing these thick strand discharges in my urine. I've never observed anything like this before. I can't imagine the lining of my bladder producing this much discarding of tissue. The best way to describe the tissue is like the white substance in eggs that positions yokes in the middle of the egg--only my tissue discharge is much longer and more abundant (one to two inch strands of tissue on average). I've even begun to notice a little pre-urination discharge that is a little milky and mucous-like. I can't really tell if if has a yellowish tinge to it like traditional pus because it is, after all, mixed with the urine from my bladder. With all of this in mind, I've had no UTI symptioms in about a year (knock on wood)--and I KNOW UTI symptoms. There is no pain or discomfort during this discharge/urination.

    I've been to a few medical Web sites to research potential bladder, kindney, urethral causes, including STDs and have come up with nothing. Is my best bet to seek a urologist at this point, or would an internal medicine specialist be the best starting place? I would have thought four days would have been long enough for simple "cell shedding" to cease. Thanks.

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    I think you answered your own question Gr8Dane. If you're not completely confident in the sci nurse's explanation, which was accurate, then perhaps you should speak to your urologist.

    Good luck.

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    Yeast in the urine? It sounds like a yeast infection in the bladder. They can test for it when you get a urine sample checked.

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    GR8Dane - I concur with several of the posts; it is probably time for an appointment with your urologist. As you know, any changes noted in a person living with SCI, warrants at least a call to your physician. Have you tried increasing your fluid intake enough to try to flush your system a bit? This may also be helpful. CRF

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