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Thread: Son has SCI

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    Son has SCI

    What a fantastic forum!! I have been busy reading and getting all kinds of great info. (A BIG THANK YOU!!) My son was in a car accident in November. He is a C 6/7 incomplete. He is 21 years old and doing great! He now has full function of both hands, has controlled movement when wiggling toes, able to swing hips and rotate foot/leg. We feel very blessed to have this return. Like most of you out there "OUR WORLD WAS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN". It is so nice to be able to share with others that can relate. I never thought things would get easier- but they have.
    My son has come a long ways since... "Mom, I need a tilt back."

    Gary's Mom

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    Smile Awesome!

    That is great news! I love that your so positive...that's what it takes. Tell your son to keep fighting! God Bless!

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    Welcome to our forums. Can you get your son on-line here too?


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