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Thread: My Hobbies...

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    My Hobbies...

    I'm going to be taking a "One Stroke Painting Class", Donna Duberry, on PBS has a show, Joann Fabrics here in Indiana offers it. I already have five mailboxes sprayed white which I will start on first, with watermelons, flowers, birds and vines.

    I buy an inexpensive tablecloth, and "cheap" (clear) Ice tea glasses at Goodwill then paint the stripes on the glasses to match the tablecloth and give as gifts.

    I buy tons of baskets at Goodwill, small/medium sizes and fill with little "on sale" items, mesh bathballs, handlotions, packets, perfume samples, etc. and give as gifts.

    I recently made 15 (throw-away's) centerpieces for an Organization. Cost $1.69 turned cornshucks into flowerettes, sprayed alittle orange on them with black dots....and filled the rest with huge green, brown leaves from my yard, acorns, pinecones and a small gourd. The pot was made out of brown mailing paper which I put around the base of a crock, put autum ribbon around to hold the shapeand no one threw them away...haha

    I love long thin tree limbs...I gather off the ground and make a spray with a fallish ribbon in the center, then just let the limbs hang down. Have a huge one on my wall in the family room...You can stick a leaf here and there for effect.

    You can guess, I throw nothing away. haha!

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    When i first came home from rehab i would do those 1000 piece puzzles great for finger dexterity. When i was able to use a pen i did many puzzle books. Then i got a computer and i been keeping busy with that. I play backgammon on yahoo love that game. anty
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    Online courses, indoor plants, writing short stories (although hoping this reverts to career and not just hobby), painting.

    I recently bought an indoor citrus tree and hope it makes fruit between August and November. Whether it does or doesn't, the scent is heavenly.

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    For me the internet has been a Godsend. It has given me many new outlets for hobbies. I have always been a reader and now download books to read as etexts of audio files.

    My latest interest has been trying to learn Latin. So far what I have learned is how much I don't know about english.

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    tied and dyed

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    Jody, those are lovely.

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    Jody, beautiful work!!!

    Very marketable, I believe~

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    Jody--you're a very talented artist and if you sale your items, I be interested in purchasing. I love to surprise family and friends with unique type gifts such as your art work. Makes it so much more memorable!!

    I've developed a different type of hobby, I suppose. I'm doing the extreme couponing and donating the items to my local food bank. With my job, I don't have time to do it on the large scale as seen on TV, but even the $30-50 I do per week is good therapy for my hands using the scissors and organize the coupons in plastic sleeves. Also, I found the cashiers and the store manager at the local Kroger I patronize are much more receptive to the idea of large quantities of coupons when they know it's going for a good cause.
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