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Thread: How Do You Bump Down Stairs W/ Rail?

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    How Do You Bump Down Stairs W/ Rail?

    I've heard it's possible to bump down stairs backwards with a railing safely, so I tried teaching myself and it wasn't pretty. I would love to master this, but I need help. I'm a Inc/t12 with short arms.

    How do you hang on to the rail? Where do you put your other hand? What if the stairs are too big to handle?

    Oddly enough, I found a way to bump up stairs dragging the chair before going with gravity.

    Thanks guys!

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    When I do it, I just place one of my hands on the railing and the other on my opposite handrim. Once you're on the stairs, lean forward as much as possible. Use your railing hand to "slide" down the railing, and the other as a brake for that wheel. Its much easier if you learn on a set of commercial stairways where the handrail extends past the top of the stairs. That way you can grab the railing prior to actually decending.

    About a month ago the power went out at work. I went down 5 flights of stairs like that without a problem.

    BTW, I'm a T-2 complete and weigh about 235lbs. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Make sure you have a spotter available to help you at first.

    Good luck!


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    Check out these techniques:


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    Herco16 explained it very well. When you first try it, don't rush it.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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