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Thread: my son recently paralyzed

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    here's some common spinal fusion hardware:

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    thanks, dan for the info -- he has the pedicle screws

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    Hey Everyone

    hi -- i was talking to you all earlier on in the year about my son, Chance who was in the Navy and had a car accident -- i just thought i would write and let anyone who cares know how things are going now -- when chance was in high school, he played tennis -- now he has started playing again -- he is playing wheelchair tennis -- his accident was on february 26 of this year -- i am really proud of him - check out his picture -- thanks for all of the help and support that you guys gave us over the last few months - it really helped knowing that there were other people out there that were going thru the same things -- this is a great website

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    That's fantastic news Shelley. It's great to hear and see his progress.

    SCI can be likened to being put on a team you have absolutely no desire to be on and forced to participate in an activity you have no desire to be a part of.

    It's great to see him making lemonaid from his train load of lemons...

    BTW, those are terrific pics!
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    Great news Shelley....

    Great pics.

    He is a handsome young man!!!
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    Absolutely amazing!!

    He's going to be just fine.


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