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Thread: my son recently paralyzed

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    Shelley, the rehab center should have some information on this for you. Contact them to get access to these materials.

    I would also encourage you to review these articles by Dr. Young:

    Here are some additional resources:

    Let us know if you need more resources. We are here to help.


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    Smile son was also in the Navy and critically injured in a motorcycle accident in Charleston, SC..March 4, 2004...Ty is currently a T 4-6/ and we have been in your position...Ty spent a month at the Medical University in Charleston, and then to the VA in St. Louis...we live in Nebraska and that was a 12 hour drive every weekend for 3 months. Ty was discharged from the Navy in July 04, as he is now UNFIT because of his injuries. We read everything and anything. We finally found Rehabilitation Instutite of Michigan, in Detroit...Ty and I lived there for 2months last year and he went to therapy 5 days a week 3 hours a day, and then home for a month and he went back and lived in international housing and he could wheel himself over to the hospital and did therapy 3 days a week, and work out other times when he felt like. Its been a long road and he misses the Navy, his friends and his life. He turns 21 next Thursday and has NEVER given up the thought of walking again! He got leg braces at RIM-reha inst of mich, and a 2nd step which is a walker he walks with daily, and there are tons of people in Detroit in our position. We were on the surgical list for Beijing and for 18 months waited, we went Ty got an infection ran a high temp for three days and couldn't keep anything down, so we returned to the states without having the OEG transplant, but we hope California will be able to get clinical trials eventually...if not we'll look elsewhere for the surgery. Ty is also an incomplete. Ty spent a month at the Medical University of South Carolina, and then three months in the VA in St. Louis,which is also a 12 hour drive from nebraksa...if you ever want to talk email me at ....Kathy
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    thanks kathy -- it sounds like you have been thru alot -- my son is in San Diego -- i went out there and stayed for 5 weeks -- i just came home this last weekend -- i have been a single mom for 15 years, so i had to return back to work -- i talk to him on the phone at least 3 times daily, and it is really hard to hear him get down and depressed -- his big issue right now is this diarrhea -- he hasn't been able to get out of bed all this week -- sunday was the last time he was out of bed -- they are running a catscan today and have taken him off of some antibiotics that they had him on, so hopefully they will find out what is causing the diarrhea -- i will email you -- thanks for your support -- shelley
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    I would caution all on these forums to avoid posting your personal e-mail. It sets you up for spam spiders, and we have had occasional problems with stalkers. Use the Private Message system here for the most safety, or include an e-mail address in your profile that is not your only address, so you can screen messages more easily. A Hotmail address is free.


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    way too early to give up hope on the sci issue. i doubt they are hiding anything. that's the way rehab works. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. in your son's case, at that level of injury, the "worst" isn't all that bad.

    what concerns me in your posts is you don't seem confident he is getting good care addressing possible lingering effects from his other severe injuries. i'd get right on that.

    shelley, you can edit your post and remove e addy.
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    Hi Shelley,
    I am sorry you had to find this site, but it is a great source of info. It has answered many of my questions. My husband is almost 1 year post (4-16-05) and spent 8 months in the hospital and rehab due to many, many complications. I am cautioning you to have your son be diligent in making sure he is getting turned often, as pressure sores can be a big problem in para's and quad's. Ron ended up with a stage 4 sore on his coxxyx (sp?) and now has to have surgery to close it up. It is one more thing that we have to deal with that we shouldn't have to if the nurses in ICU were more diligent about turning him. I had no idea that they could happen so fast but believe me, I have learned quickly. We have been dealing with it since July 05.
    I will keep you and your son and family in my thoughts and prayers and wish you all the best.

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    thanks, marcia -- yeah, from what i saw when i was there they were in ICU and are now very diligent about turning him -- he can now turn himself most of the time, and i have told him to be sure to turn often -- they were turning him every two hours -- thanks for your prayers -- i will be praying for your husband, you and your family --

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    thanks, cass -- didn't realize i could remove it

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    ok, i've got another question for ya'll -- my son has a foley catheter right now and they are wanting to take it out and have him cath on his own -- he is scared to death that this is gonna hurt? he has sensation there, but no muscle control -- can anyone tell me with a L1 L2 break how much this will hurt? he is REALLY dreading it

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