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    I just wanted to let everyone know about glyconutrients. My wife has had MS for thirty years and started on glyconutrients a couple of months ago. She is already experiencing tingling in her toes which see hasn't felt in years. When she closes her eyes while standing she doesn't lose her balance as fast. She has tried every drug and natural product you can think of until now. So I wanted to let everyone know there is hope. If you would like to know more I can email videos that explain how and why this works.

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    Excellent - I reverved my brain lesions also!

    Are you aware of other support groups around MS and the use of glycos? I could have a reference for. Two of my friends; one going into a study and the other one been on the product for 8 days - feeling GREAT!


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    Hi dano
    It's amazing no one has replied or pm'ed me about this product. This could change everyone's life that has these diabilitating diseases and it seems they could care less. Meanwhile my wife is seeing results almost weekly. I just don't get it.
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    Funny how you did not mention that it is sold thru a Multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. I'll bet that you are selling it!! Mannatech is the company. If it is so great, how come there is absolutely no scientific proof? And why is a MLM required to sell it. It's like Amway. Anyone who thinks that they might be interested should google it.

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    I'm sorry you find Mannatech a MLM scheme. Mannatech has been in business for about 14 yrs and is the leader in glyconutrient technology. They haven't been in business for 14yrs being a MLM scheme like you claim. They sell this way because what better way to sell there product when the people selling has gotten results like my wife. She has taken all the drugs that the drs. prescribe and they haven't done anything but make her want to kill herself. The drs know these drugs are going to do nothing but cause side affects and eventually kill you. She hasn't found 1 drug that has cured her disease. And no one else has been cured either. She has seen more results in 4 months on the glyconutrients than 30 years of off and on drugs. She will sell you the glyconutrients if you were to choose after doing some research on the glyconutrients (instead of spewing bs that you oviously know nothing about). If she makes anything off of selling the glyconutrients to you or anyone else she would donate all monies to mannarelief. Mannarelief is a non-profit set up to give health challenged children glyconutrients. They give away millions of dollars a year to these children, this is what sets this wonderful company apart from any other MLM. There is years and years of documented scientific proof on glyconutrients.
    This is one for starters. If anyone wants to pm me theres alot more
    Stem Cells

    Stem cells have the ability to regenerate any other cell in the body. Thus a stem cell can become a neuron, a liver cell, a brain cell, a fingernail cell, etc.

    On February 19, 2003, a remarkable article in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on research from Johns Hopkins Medical School reported for the first time that donor stem cells crossed the blood brain barrier and became neurons in the recipient’s brain. This is an important finding because neurons are the most highly advanced functional cells in the body; they control all brain and muscle functions. This is a recent revolutionary discovery about the potential to repair and regenerate the human brain.

    Early research on glyconutrients (the necessary sugars) suggests that by adding glyconutrients to the human diet, there is an increase in production in one’s bone marrow stem cell production.

    Until the JAMA article, Dr. McDaniel’s science team had not been unable to explain how adults with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s and children with cerebral palsy, leukodystrophy, Down syndrome, autism and FAS experience restorations in brain function with the addition of glyconutrients and other micronutrients to their diet.

    Prior to this knowledge in 2003 from JAMA, there was no reasonable scientific explanation of how the many individuals with presumed permanent brain injury from strokes, trauma or neurodegenerative disorders could heal and regain lost central nervous system function that physicians and scientists had regarded as permanent and irreversible.

    Our new understanding of glyconutrients stimulating the development of one’s bone marrow stem cells, which have the capacity to develop into any cell the body needs, provides us with a scientific understanding of how such unparalleled restorations of brain function can be induced by dietary supplementation of glyconutrients.

    Important Scientific Questions

    Do new or regenerated neurons in the brain that develop from stem cells function correctly? Consider the following case studies:

    In a case history in 2002, a child who had been in a coma for three years began ingesting glyconutrients. Within five days, his brain function started changing. There are also four other case histories in which parents gave these micronutrients to their children to awaken them from long-term comas. These case histories have created so much hope and interest that the pediatric neurologists who work with over 200 hopeless children in comas are beginning a pilot study on 20 of these children to better determine the potential affects of these micronutrients.

    In another case study, a 6-year-old boy had been in a deep, unresponsive coma for three years. His EEG, which shows brain activity, was virtually flat in all parts of his brain before micronutrients. After six months of micronutrient supplementation, he had a phenomenal increase in activity in all parts of his brain. This increase in brain activity indicates restored neurological (brain) function associated with micronutrient dietary intake.

    Another case history involves Sara, a premature FAS child with heart defects and cerebral palsy at birth. Sara’s adoptive mother began giving her micronutrients daily by rubbing a cream with glyconutrients on her entire body in the premature nursery. When Sara could drink from a bottle, the adoptive mother gave her glyconutrients followed by all of the micronutrients in a bottle. When evaluated by pediatric specialists at 4 years old, she no longer had any evidence of FAS or cerebral palsy, and her heart developed normally and required no surgery.

    Photographs of Sara show that at birth her face displayed the characteristics of a child with severe FAS. By age four her face had lost all FAS characteristics and appeared “normal” and her IQ changed from less than 80 to over 100. This is an unprecedented change for an FAS child.

    These individual case history reports do not provide scientific proof. However, they do give us hope and are leading to additional studies.


    Dr. McDaniel’s science team has noted many unexplainable restorations of function of the central nervous system, pancreas cells, lung, kidney, and heart that defy explanation. The team has seen changes in people of all ages, including infants, children, teenagers, adults and some quite elderly, who were thought to be in irreversible health situations. The discovery of the stimulation of stem cell development in one’s body can take place within one week of adding glyconutrients. This may explain all of these medically impossible changes.

    The potential benefits for supporting health recovery by using glyconutrients are beyond material measure.

    (All material is copyrighted by the individual creators and is for personal viewing only)Non-Technical Summary of Glyconutrients Research You can purchase this study and help contribute to the research by going to
    A nontechnical summary, prepared by TC North, Ph.D., CEO of Catalyst Consulting Group, of the presentation by H. Reg McDaniel, M.D., medical director, Manna Relief Ministries A professional abstract presented at the Third National Conference New Initiatives in the Prevention and Intervention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects for Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

    Source of Information:

    Medical Disclaimer
    1. The information contained in this email is educational in nature and intent. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented is accurate. The information is not intended as professional medical advice nor as recommendations, neither should it be construed as the practice of medicine nor as offer of medical advice.
    2. This email makes no claim that the glyconutrients or phytonutrients are anything other than dietary supplements designed to improve nutrition and, thereby, optimize health. Everyone regardless of her/his original state of health can benefit from improved nutrition.
    3. Dietary supplements of glyconutrients and phytonutrients are not designed to substitute for a doctor's care or for proven therapy.
    4. Dietary supplements are designed to improve nutrition rather than to treat disease. Glyconutrients do not treat, cure, or mitigate any disease. However, scientific research has established a connection between nutrition and many disease conditions.
    5. Any claims made within the content of this email, where not taken from scientific literature, are based my personal belief and/or experiences after the use of Glyconutritional products. This email author disclaims all liability for such claims that may be made.

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    Rong, I am sorry but I was unable to find any article in JAMA that was authored by or describes the work of McDaniel in 2003 or any other year. I did find a number of patents that included H. Reginald McDaniel, MD on glyconutrients, as well as some articles in complementary and alternative medicine journals. Can you please supply the references? Thank you. Wise.

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    This reminds me of GeneWise. I've always been skeptical of MLM. Doing some research I have found that Mannatech settled a lawasuit in Texas. As a result, Mannatech has changed their promotion to offer a 6 month money back gaurantee. It is very interesting as well as the geneWise treatment.

    I believe with GeneWise they take a sample of your DNA and tell you all about it. Whether you'll be prone to having some kind of heart condition or some other disease or illness. It's like preventative medicine which i have been getting into lately. It's interesting but I don't know anything about glyconutrients and hardly anything about Genewise. Gotta start somewhere right?

    Here's an article about geneWise.

    DNA Customized Nutrition - Are DNA Supplements by GeneWIze (gene wise) the Best Multi Vitamin?

    Welcome to the birth of customized nutrition and the death of common supplements. Things are now getting personal.

    Scientists have discovered how to customize a vitamin specifically for you're body based on a DNA assessment. No more guessing! By analyzing a persons DNA, they are able to determine deficiencies within the body and design a vitamin just for you. Now you know you're getting exactly what you're body needs. This is going to change the health and wellness industry as we know it.

    If you were to do a multi vitamin comparison using traditional multi vitamins versus DNA supplements, you would find that traditional vitamins have a pre-defined number of ingredients and are made one size fits all. The average person spends $50 - $100 on vitamins or supplements every month and has a cabinet full of many different supplements with the intention of being healthier. The problem is most people have no idea what their body needs and how much of certain ingredients they need.
    I have a friend that joined GenWise. That's why I know about it. I may try it out after some more time and product exposure. I think the way it works is you pay $99/month until you sign up 4 people. Once you sign up 4 people you get free supplements for life.

    Anyway, it's pretty interesting.

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