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Thread: Hate ironing? It'll all come out in the wash

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    Hate ironing? It'll all come out in the wash

    I like the sound of this machine! I didn't used to mind ironing before the chair, but now I find it really awkward so don't bother any more. I have learned to embrace the new wrinkly me!! But maybe I don't have to.......,00.html

    For decades we have been told that technology will put an end to household chores, but it never quite seems to work out that way; so many will react with scepticism to an invention that purports not only to wash your clothes, but do the ironing as well.

    The world's first steam washing machine, developed over three years by Korean firm LG Electronics, borrows from technology normally used in industrial cleaning. It makes the bold claim to 'bring dry cleaning to your home' and 'remove creases from your garments, eliminating the need for ironing'.

    Millions of women, who have traditionally taken on the job - and millions of men, still reluctant to do their share - will be enticed by the prospect of an 'iron killer'. Few will mourn the death of a domestic appliance that has evolved from cast-metal flat irons dating back centuries to today's temperature-adjustable 'digital irons', which, despite their shiny features, still require human perspiration.

    Others will find that the price tag, likely to be between £800 and £1,000, prevents them folding away the ironing board just yet.

    The Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine, to be launched in Britain this week, in effect doubles as a steam press. Once the washing, rinsing and spinning cycle is complete, a steam generator kicks in for a further 20 minutes, blasting the clothes with hot air to eradicate the creases and wrinkles. It also prevents shrinkage and extends the life of each piece of clothing.

    It sounds too good to be true, and perhaps it is. Speaking from South Korea, Don Kwack, LG's manager for washing machine overseas marketing, broke ranks from the official publicity line by admitting: 'Ironing is still necessary, but is made a lot easier. In some cases, you don't need any ironing at all.'

    Kwack added that consumer research by LG - whose off-beat products include a fridge with a TV on the front - suggested that crease removal was not the top priority. Instead people were most anxious to save energy and be environmentally friendly.

    LG claims that the machine's systems, which involve hot steam as part of the cleaning process, consume 35 per cent less water than traditional washers, which heat water inside the drum. It uses 21 per cent less energy than normal and makes less noise. Moreover, its interior is kept clean by the steam.

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    Put to the test ... 1 2 3
    Don Kirk travelled to the LG washing machine plant in Changwon, at the far south of the Korean peninsula, to test the company's washer-dryer that also 'irons' clothes.
    I loaded the machine with a bag full of my laundry (1) and waited two and a half hours to witness the outcome of the experiment - the critical question, as it spun quietly to a stop, was whether my shirts would be wrinkle-free and ready to wear.
    The chief research engineer, Kim Kwang Soo, seemed nervous as I opened the door and started taking out my laundry. 'They may wrinkle a little while we are waiting,' he said. 'Maybe they don't iron entirely. They steam-dry, and then they are wrinkle-free.' But Kim had little to fear. Holding up the shirt, I had to agree it was wrinkle-free.
    Although the time required for the machine to wash, dry and, well, get rid of some crinkles, seemed excessive, Kim said that was needed for best results. Inspecting my shirt collars (2), which were ringed with grime when they went in, I conceded that they were miraculously spotless.
    I could have put them on right there and then (3) and gone off to a business meeting without ever having to resort to an iron.
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