View Poll Results: What is the cause of your SCI?

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  • Motor Vehicle: auto

    101 29.79%
  • Motor Vehicle: motorcycle

    36 10.62%
  • Motor Vehicle: atv or dirtbike

    23 6.78%
  • Motor Vehicle: boat/snowmobile/plane/anything w/ a throttle & steering mechanism

    8 2.36%
  • Act of Violence: gunshot

    13 3.83%
  • Act of Violenc: other

    1 0.29%
  • Fall

    40 11.80%
  • Sports & Recreation

    30 8.85%
  • Diving

    41 12.09%
  • Other

    46 13.57%
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Thread: What caused your SCI?

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    Mine was a MTB crash........ Nice big stair gap.....9ft gap, 5ft drop,....... scrubed alittle too much speed, back tire just clipped a small 4-6" retaining wall. Front end dropped so fast i got ejected head first into the ground. C5 complete. Stupid bike was barly scratched.

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    Murder cycle vs. Guardrail head-on...Target fixation on a cloverleaf getting on the freeway.

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    damn cell phones!!

    I was a passanger of a car accident. Girl was on her cell not paying attention .and now we dont really talk or see eachother,because its "hard for her to see me like this". ya,thats bullshit! Its ok, makes me stronger than ever!
    God is good

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    Spinal stroke when I was 15, left me t12 incomplete.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Lousy genes!
    I had severe stenosis up around C3 or C4. They had to remove some vertebrae and put in some titanium to keep me from becoming a C3 or C4 complete. Ended up with Brown-Sequard syndome. Doctors said it was inevitable and had been building up my whole life.
    Lucky to be walking with a cane! Believe me, I know how lucky I am!

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    Thank you for keeping this thread alive. If others would please post, OUR folder of causes is getting impressive. Again thank you for sharing.

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    sittin at red light on way to work. rearended by vehicle going over 80 mph according to police report. i was passenger.

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    padding the numbers

    Rollin and his gf were driving cross country. They'd been up a couple days, stopped for gas and switched drivers. Rollin had been driving, but was feeling sleepy. He got in the passenger seat, put his seatbelt on, reclined the seat, and went to sleep. Ten minutes later, his gf fell asleep too. She rolled the car into a ditch and rollin was catapulted into the windshield. Bye bye C4. His gf hung in for two years-their split wasn't caused by his SCI. He was 18 and stupid, but pays an awfully high price for it.

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    I can give you a few more stories of friends, less names of coarse, who aren't on the site:

    1) Drinking and night swimming dove off a dock into a known sandbar: C4/5incomplte

    2)Diving through an innertube into a swiming pool, tube shifted and hit the side of the tube: C5 very incomplete.

    3)Dove arround goalie playing soccer: C6/7 incomplete

    4)MTB Crash, huge jump gone bad: C6/7 very incomplete

    5)Car Crash, going LESS than speed limit, deer jumped out: C6/7 complete

    6)Work Fall, fell while building a house from 2nd floor to basement C6/7 complete

    7) Rugby.......nuff said: walking C5

    8) Clapping hands, turned head. Woke up paralysed next day. Slipped disk at C5/6: C6/7 complete.

    Theses are all people in the last 3yrs.

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    Dirtbike injury. I was riding a trail and hit a jump. I didn't like where the bike was headed so I decided to bail off the back and land on my feet. I would have been fine but the rear tire caught my left foot. That caused me to land on my tail bone causing the t10-t12 burst fracture. I can still see my foot hitting that tire.

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