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Thread: What caused your SCI?

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    cauda equina

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    Dove in the deep end of a pool, deep end only 4 feet! Would have drowned, wife saved my life.
    C5 incomplete Quadriplegic.
    We were camping and chose between swimming or skydiving. Should have gone skydiving!

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    I should probably be a little more clear on my causes instead of my supershort answer.

    Nov 1998 - 15-yr-old ran a flashing red light and a stop sign and pulled out in front of me on the interstate. Fractured T4-6, 11-12. I could still walk, but it was extremely painful. I was on 14 different medications to handle the pain and problems caused by this injury.

    Aug 2001 - Rearended by a tourist that was staring at the mountains instead of stopping at the intersection. Herniated L4-S1, results of partial paralysis of right leg becomse noticeable to other people. (I'd get "what happened to your foot/leg?" questions.) Started walking with a cane and the pain was so bad at this point, my life stopped.

    When comparing the MRIs from the two accidents, it was discovered that the first accident had triggered an inherited degeneration of my spine. My mother was 54 at the time and diagnosed a few months prior to me. I was told at the time that I would be in a wheelchair by age 45. I was 29.

    May 2005 - Started falling a lot, problems walking to the point that I no longer left my house, losing bladder function, leg sensation comes and goes. Diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome resulting from impingements in the lumbar spine. MRI shows increased spinal stenosis through the whole lumbar spine and part of the thoracic spine, multiple discs with herniations/prolapsing of varying degrees, osteoarthritis, increased bone spurs, and degenerating nerve roots. Wheelchair is ordered for those bad days when I have increased pain and trouble walking, or will be out for long periods of time or would walk long distances. I just turned 33 yrs old.

    June 2005 - walking through my kitchen with two canes, collapsed and refractured T12. Now a T12 incomplete. Wheelchair is used whenever I leave my house. My house is not accessible, so on good days I use canes or my walker to get around--the rest of the time I just stay in my room.

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    I was riding home one night with a friend when he hit some loose gravel that was spilled in a curve on a dark paved country road. The car slid sideways into a ditch, hit a driveway which caused it to roll over once. What caused my SCI though was the roof crushing in on my head. See some pics here.

    I was going to drive back to school that night when I got home. The only reason I was riding with my friend was to save gas.

    Quote Originally Posted by Suzie Q
    Ran off the road in some pea gravel. Hit a mile marker sign, it made the car flip head over tail several times ending up in a ditch upside down. They made me pay for the sign.
    Did you send them a bill for your medical expenses? I thought those signs were supposed to be designed to break if a car hit them, not filp them over.
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Did you send them a bill for your medical expenses? I thought those signs were supposed to be designed to break if a car hit them, not filp them over.[/quote]

    Nope. I had a car accident two weeks to the day of this one and my lawyer was pissed off. First accident big tow truck co. fault. Second one my fault. So he was just thinking of his loss of money. I didnt know any better and was alone. No family ...
    So alot of mistakes were made on my end. I wouldnt even had known what happend to me exactly, except i heard the doc and cop talking about the whole accident and how bad it was and since alcohol was involved , i was treated like shit. between that and no insurance pfft i was scum in their eyes. And since the rental car i got from my lawyer didnt have insurance i was screwed. The rental co. took the loss on the car and thats all they paid.
    “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton

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    My husband became a T8,9,10 complete after falling 16 feet from an extension ladder he was on to cut a branch off a tree in our backyard. The tree doesn't even belong to us; he was trying to make it easier to get the tractor thru the gate. The branch was thick and heavy with new growth and it cracked when he got half way thru it with the chainsaw. It swung back and hit the ladder dead-on. He will be one year post on Sunday (Easter). It was a gorgeous spring day that day until he fell. Amazing how our lives can change in a split second.
    Two other friends we know with SCI:
    1. Fell off her bike after hitting curb. Her shoe was stuck in the toe-clip. T5 complete
    2. Fell off dirtbike on trail after hitting a rock. C4,5 incomplete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherrylips

    Mike, aged 24, who was an architect by trade and worked on church domes cracked C6 changing a lightbulb in his house. Stool collapsed under him.

    Don't know about you but it's actually the ones like this which make me wince even more when you think that the threat of SCI stalks everyone, everyday.

    It's not a freak accident, it's an everyday occurence. People tend to think 'oooh, paralysed in a car crash or diving in a lake.........won't happen to me........da de da. What's on TV?'

    They don't think 'oh my god, I could get up from the sofa, trip over the dog and crack my neck. In a wheelchair, shitting myself, no cure'

    It's almost the mundane that should be publicised.
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Send one woman on one motorcycle off the road down into a ravene landing on a dead tree and you get me- T4 complete. NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO meds. Ten of thousands of cross country miles, half a dozen safety refresher courses and a superbike school just months prior. I still don't know the what/how/why.

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    My husband is a T11 complete due to falling off a ladder (28feet) while trimming a huge elm in our back yard over Memorial Day weekend 2005. He was 61 years old and in excellent health when this happened and I think that's why he survived. He had several fractures but a burst T12 and T11.... they put rods in from T8 to L2... it will be one year on May 28th. But he's doing great. Luckily I was in the back yard when it happened... and I did not see him fall... the ladder fell, the sawzill fell, he fell and his glasses were found about 15 feet away. I found him flat on his back... and had to give him CPR... the paramedics arrived 5 minutes later and the rest is history.
    He's independent... the only things I have to do is lift his legs into the tub and help put his pants on in the am. He went back to work 5 months after the accident. He's amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino

    Don't know about you but it's actually the ones like this which make me wince even more when you think that the threat of SCI stalks everyone, everyday.
    Scary stuff. I guess there'll always be the old 'it'll never happen to me' mentality - i guess its a defence mechanism

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