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  • Motor Vehicle: auto

    101 29.79%
  • Motor Vehicle: motorcycle

    36 10.62%
  • Motor Vehicle: atv or dirtbike

    23 6.78%
  • Motor Vehicle: boat/snowmobile/plane/anything w/ a throttle & steering mechanism

    8 2.36%
  • Act of Violence: gunshot

    13 3.83%
  • Act of Violenc: other

    1 0.29%
  • Fall

    40 11.80%
  • Sports & Recreation

    30 8.85%
  • Diving

    41 12.09%
  • Other

    46 13.57%
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Thread: What caused your SCI?

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    SCI Accident Scene

    Hey Donno,
    Great idea to explain what happened. Only difference is this was a picture I took on an earlier flight from my plane. NO GOOGLE EARTH!!!

    See earlier post for explaination and injuries list.

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    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    Stupidity not listed as a cause =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grange View Post
    Hey Donno,
    Great idea to explain what happened. Only difference is this was a picture I took on an earlier flight from my plane. NO GOOGLE EARTH!!!

    See earlier post for explaination and injuries list.

    The image isn't showing up. Split fuel line really sucks! The cause of our engine failure was water in the fuel due to non compliance with a couple of ADs on the fuel filler cap and wrinkles in the fuel tank bladder. The wrinkles allowed water to be trapped and not flow down to the drain (until the wings started rocking a bit).

    Like you, I'm glad to be alive, but if you had asked me that morning I'm sure that I would have said that I'd rather be dead than paralyzed. Sure changed my mind in a hurry

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    MVA while pig hunting. Driver was going too fast, went outta control and our truck flipped. I broke my neck, was the front seat passenger. Am now a c 4/5/6 central cord quad, with a host of other problems. Just wish the driver gave a dam, woulda been nice!

    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

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    drunk driver hit my friend's car. I was in the middle back seat no seatbelt

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    Random Spinal Stroke one summer night while hanging out with friends. No known cause.

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    was riding dirtbikes with a bunch of my friends we had been jumping awhile so they said lets go hill cimb i said well im gonna hit this jump one more time everything was great till i saw the ground coming i remember saying ohhh shit im gonna break my legs and i threw the bike to the side then bam i was seeing stars i tried to get up to get my bike and couldnt move shaddered c5 was on life support a month

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    Freak Motorcycle accident here

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    OK I don't know which fall nor does it matter I fell and fractured 4 vertebra all I know from the mri is I a have a crack in 4 vertebra so fucking what? wasting money on a cure that, i will not benefit from, I will be dead, like I'm going be alive in x years, they waste money on a cure when pain relief is more important and will save live. never saw my self as an sci dsw the cp and the arthritiis as worse.

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    I was going 100 mph in my mitsubishi eclipse trying to pass another car, jumped over in the left lane, hit the grass, over corrected when I snatched the wheel and when the car began to fishtail, I just let the steering wheel go and started praying. When the car stopped flipping I didn't have a scratch on me but my neck was broken at c4/c5.
    C4/5 functioning on a C6 level, use of left hand, no triceps

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