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  • Motor Vehicle: auto

    101 29.79%
  • Motor Vehicle: motorcycle

    36 10.62%
  • Motor Vehicle: atv or dirtbike

    23 6.78%
  • Motor Vehicle: boat/snowmobile/plane/anything w/ a throttle & steering mechanism

    8 2.36%
  • Act of Violence: gunshot

    13 3.83%
  • Act of Violenc: other

    1 0.29%
  • Fall

    40 11.80%
  • Sports & Recreation

    30 8.85%
  • Diving

    41 12.09%
  • Other

    46 13.57%
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Thread: What caused your SCI?

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    My sci is from transverse mylitis in 10 minutes i was a complete c-5 c-6. Still trying to get back whatever i can its slow but now i am incomplete and can move everything but left weak and cant walk. Just happy to be alive and be with my family. anty
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    I wasn't speeding, maybe I took that corner just a liiiittle bit too fast, but after enough years of cars dripping oil and tires leaving rubber, roads just get slippery.
    And 2jazzy said it, it's a bitch about those guard rails

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    mva, took out a guardrail, tree, and telephone pole. i have no memory whatsoever

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    rocky mountain high

    Red face i have'nt figured out yet....

    ....if i should have let someone else go milk the cows that morning, or if i should have stopped and TAKEN A NAP! ..."DUH"... sometime during my 16 hour road trip later that day.....either way, sleeping in a moving vehicle should be left to PASSENGERS ONLY!

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    MVA. Hit by 2 dillholes who were way beyond drunk. Courts deemed it first degree murder of the woman who was killed in our car and 2 counts of attempted murder. Unfourtunately, the guys both died and never got to serve their time.
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    Epidural Abcess of the Cervical Spine at C-5 which compressed my cord. This from a staff infection 7 years ago this May. I too gained back sensation and movement everywhere but not strong enough to walk or support weight.

    C-5 incomplete

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    My Son was backseat Toyota Echo, unbelted, ejected through back windshield, over that guard rail onto pavement. Two years ago tomorrow night at 9p.m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feisty
    what... no 'making out with a boy' option?

    guess I'll just pick 'fall'
    LOL me too feisty, but I was in a car driven by someone who shouldn't have been driving, slid in gravel when taking a turn too quickly, hit a stop sign and turned over in a ditch.
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    started riding around age 5...
    age 15 I decided to head butt the ground doing about 50mph

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    I had been swimming since birth, loved the water. At age 29 the diving board decided i needed to meet the bottom of the pool. Left me C5/6.

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