View Poll Results: What is the cause of your SCI?

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  • Motor Vehicle: auto

    101 29.79%
  • Motor Vehicle: motorcycle

    36 10.62%
  • Motor Vehicle: atv or dirtbike

    23 6.78%
  • Motor Vehicle: boat/snowmobile/plane/anything w/ a throttle & steering mechanism

    8 2.36%
  • Act of Violence: gunshot

    13 3.83%
  • Act of Violenc: other

    1 0.29%
  • Fall

    40 11.80%
  • Sports & Recreation

    30 8.85%
  • Diving

    41 12.09%
  • Other

    46 13.57%
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Thread: What caused your SCI?

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    Spinal dural arteriovenous fistula at T6.

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    I'm new here, I have been lurking forever. My injury was caused by a gun shot wound, the guy I was with was fighting with another guy on the road and he pulled out a 9 millimeter pistol and shot it at the car, well it hit me in my T10 vertabrea and paralyzed me. It was an incomplete injury, a brown sequard to be specific. It took me a year to get out of the wheelchair, I went to two crutches, and then one and now just an AFO and one crutch for long distances. The usual culprits are involved, you know pain, spasms, bowel, my bladder actually came back!!! But anyway, yeah that's my story.

    It's been an interesting 17 years to say the least.......

    I just bumped a REALLY OLD THREAD!!!!
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    Fell off a ladder on a snowy morning in January. Should have stayed in bed

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    birth defect, and drunk motor vehicle vs me and my bicycle.

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