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Thread: Living arrangements

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    Living arrangements

    . Is there such a place or am I fantasizing?AWhat have others done for their living arrangements? I've been living with my parents for 15 years. They're getting older and I'm bored out of my mind, I feel trapped. I'd like to live somewhere where I have some independence

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    aton, here in Indiana, we've had a crop of "Assisted Living Complexes" spring up within the last few years.

    There are those for the elderly and other's for those who are disabled to some degree...with age being a factor. They are like apartments in a huge area. Beautifully landscaped, paved paths, Nurses/caregivers on staff, a several well equipped vans for getting you out to movies, shopping, etc. You pretty much do your own thing, but they just help
    where needed. Strictly not your typical Nursing Home type of setting!!

    I would check into finding something similar in your area.
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    Who currently provides your attendant care? Parents? Paid caregivers? State funded or private? How many hours daily?

    What is your income source? SSI? SSDI? Working income?

    Have you explored sharing an apartment with a roommate to get the rent down?

    Have you talked with anyone at our local ILC about resources in your area for people with disabilities such as Section 8 housing, attendant care, etc?

    Would your parents help you out with rent or other expenses?

    In my state assisted living facilities are not allowed to do bowel and bladder must be independent in these functions, and most will also not do transfers, so this is generally not an option except for those with lower paraplegia. Each state is different...which is why your ILC is your best resource.


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    The thing is ... I can live with the physical disability. It's the lack of control over my life that is getting me. And that CAN be fixed, but I need some direction. My care is done by nurses and my parents. Private insurance covers nursing care. But am I imagining something where the grass looks greener on the other side?

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    Aton, I'm in the same situation as you, I'm going insane living here with my mom. She is a good lady and all but children shouldn't rely on their parents forever. I did get a section-8 voucher but couldn't find a doable appartment for me and I'm not going to live in a low income complex. Once I find an answer I'll let you know!
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    No, I'm lucky to live with people who love me, care for me and would do anything they can for me.

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    Hi, Aton! What are some things you'd like to do over which you don't have control? Not things like moving your body again, but things which might be realistic to do? What would a different living environment afford you which your current situation doesn't?

    Knowing what you're looking for in particular might help with knowing what might be available.

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