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Thread: roho cushion repair

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    roho cushion repair

    Has anyone had any luck repairing a roho cushion? I bought a new low profile roho about a year ago to sit on while in a car seat. Last weekend it lost all of the air, found a hole/split in the seam on the side of the cushion (where the top and bottom layers come together). I filled the split with something called "gorilla glue". It's drying right now. Don't know how trustworthy it's going to be, would appreciate any advice if anybody has been able to successfully repair a split like this.

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    ROHO has a great warranty. Call them and they will frequently replace it. I assume it will depend on where and when it was purchased. Of course, if it has Gorilla Glue attached, I'm not sure. We've been able to ship them the cushion and they ship back the replacement the almost next day. Perhaps they'll ship to you first.
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    we've always sent the cushion back and they repair or replace Roho is real helpful .. just call

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    I had one that the bottom layer of rubber seperated from teh top layer on. Sent it back to the factory and they fixed it up and sent it back in good shape. Sat on it a long time after that.

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    they charge $50 for a repair after one year

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    I use plain old bicycle repair patch and it did better than the stuff they sent with my cushion. I do not like the air roho because I always put stuff under my cushion. I think the jell ones would be better but I have never had one.

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    how'd that gorilla glue work out?

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    roho repair

    I have made many repairs to roho cushioun just buy some contact great cost almost nothing....holes u can rip them bigger and then glue em back together again...I just usally cut the cell off and seal it at the bottom of roho cushion....use it as a spare for bathing and driving or ect....u always need a few extra much trouble to send out to get fixed....only takes a few minutes ...let it dry a day and u ready to go....Art

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