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Thread: Scientists discover stem cells can repair spine tissue

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    Scientists discover stem cells can repair spine tissue

    Scientists discover stem cells can repair spine tissue

    STEM cells can be used to repair damage spinal tissue in rats and help them move again, researchers said yesterday.

    The latest research, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, could offer new hope to paralysed patients.

    The team said the technique appeared to work best in the two weeks after the spinal cord was injured.

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    $100 million stem-cell push

    $100 million stem-cell push
    University of Washington counters rivals
    Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) - March 10, 2006
    by Eric Engleman
    Staff Writer

    Responding to both growing competition and government-imposed limits on embryonic stem-cell research, the University of Washington is preparing to launch a stem-cell institute and looking to raise $100 million in private money to fund it.

    The UW's plans reflect the intense competition it faces from other universities around the country that are boosting research into stem cells, which have potential to treat a variety of diseases. California alone has earmarked $3 billion for research in embryonic stem cells.

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