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Thread: Info on Kennedy Kriger Institute - Maryland

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    Info on Kennedy Kriger Institute - Maryland

    My son was injured in a 4 wheeler accident on December 21, 2004. His injury is an incomplete C6-C7. He was in a rehab center for 3 months and has been doing outpatient tharapy every since.

    We are presently talking to KK about rehab therapy at their center in Maryland. Looking for information about the center.

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    I get treatment and rehab there as does Determinedtoheal. Feel free to ask via email or look at old posts.

    Here is one thread:
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    We were there from Dec. 6, 2005-March 14. 2006. We are here again in June and will return every 3 months at least. It is a good program. We have had a good experience. If you want any further information, please let me know. My son is a T-10 complete para. He had transverse myelitis in Nov. 2005. One good thing about KKI, they have a positive outlook on recovery. That has helped us alot.

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    Would suggest you do a search over on the Exercise and Recovery forum as there has been much discussion over there on KK.


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