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Thread: Needing advice....

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    Needing advice....

    Following a short spell of illness is it normal to loose function? I'm c5/C6 incomplete 18 months post injury and am finding that rather than improving I am loosing the ability to do things I was able to a couple of weeks back.
    My ability to control any arm movement seems to have nearly completely disappeared, I am no longer able to feed myself which is what I am finding hugely frustrating. I'm finding it exhausting and uncomfortable to be in my wc for more than a few hours at a time.
    Is the loss in function due to general weakness as my GP suggests? Has anyone experienced similar?

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    Everyone is a bit different. I can't see how I ever used a wall mounted phone with the old circle dial. Things change with time. Some things become more pronounced. Pains may increase. Certain muscles start twiching differently. It sounds like what your GP said. But I think nobody will give you a definite answer one way or the other. A lot of the ability you leave rehab with can be lost without keeping an exercise routine.

    I had hyper-sensative hands the first year and it got to a point after that where I don't like certain textures. I'm thankful I don't have pain issues a lot of people claim.

    Things will change. You might need another look at seating. I spent about 3 months on bedrest and my muscles changed. Sciolosis became more pronounced, but I'd rather stay in the chair than give in to the bed.

    Sounds like time for a follow-up visit with specialists.

    good luck

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    There might be a temporary decrease but you if it hasn't improved with resumed activity and exercise you should have this checked out by your MD to make sure nothing such as an accumulation of fluid ( i.e. syrinx) or soemthing else is occurring in your spinal cord.


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