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Thread: John McDonald/NTT Project Underway

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    Quote Originally Posted by spidergirl

    Report by phone?

    To the best of my knowledge all the Senators in the state of California are for stem cell research. We are the leading state. We passed PROP 71 ( which i voted for ) and we receive 3 billion a year for stem cell research.( I am not sure if the religious groups are still holding this up in court )...but this will pass and we will prevail. Even Cedars Sinai hospital where i had my surgery and where all my doctors are..... are creating a whole new wing for stem cell research alone.

    I think Susan Fajit is going to Columbia and perhaps she can report back via 3rd world phone. Maybe she can bring some cocoa beans back too.
    Spidergirl. I believe it’s 3 billion for then years, but it is still in limbo land. You have to fix that one over there in California. I don’t know what the current situation is but it is still in the court system upheld by some anti esc research groups. But you are right, I think it will pass, but then again, it is this time again… And thanks for the cocoa beans offer

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    bump to learn from past mistakes, i speak for myself and hope that we all try are best to be informed on the options when speaking with our legislators/senators this time around..

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    Has anyone heard anything new about the NTT Project?

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    I was informed a few months ago McDonald is supposed to present/publish his primate results in the spring of 2008.

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