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Thread: playing with children

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    playing with children

    How do you get down on the floor to play with em?

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    The easiest way I've found is to use a couch or a chair. Transfer from your wheelchair to the couch, move the wheelchair far enough away so you can fit on the floor between it and the couch, then lower yourself to the floor by supporting yourself with one hand on the wheelchair frame and the other on the couch.

    To get back up, reverse the process.

    I've also transferred directly to the floor from the wheelchair, but it's a lot more awkward and requires a lot more strength.

    Good luck.
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    I don't...when Violet was a baby we played that type of stuff on my bed. I was worried about playing with Violet but now I can't even count the number of things we do.
    - lego
    - reading
    - catch
    - playground (in our backyard or woodchip surfaced ones)
    - shopping/errands
    - colouring
    - racing
    - computer games
    - jump rope
    - piggy backs
    - library
    - scheduled classes
    - dancing
    - cooking
    - lots of pretending
    - simon says (when she says touch your toes she comes and helps me reach by pulling on my arm)

    It was harder when she was a baby and all. I was soooo worried she would miss out by having a mom in a wheelchair,now I can say so far all she's missed out on was swimming and ice skating which my mom does with her. I am even teaching her to ride her bike that she got for potty training.
    LOL I just checked on her and she's wheeling my manual chair around right now.

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    I use the couch to floor method also. Anyway you do it is awkward but I do because my son's favorite thing to do is play hotwheels. Just make sure to sit on a cushion or something. The floor is hard!!! If you have a stool you can put something on the stool so it isn't so hard and transfer to that to the floor. It kind of gives you something to bump down to.
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    Couch and I have used a small table. Kids can play anywhere you're only limited by your imagination!

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    I do the same as far as getting to the floor, couch then floor. But I don't do that unless someone is there to help me back in the chair. I am T9 and I can't get back in the chair. I can climb up forward but when I get in the chair when I twist to sit my leg is over the other one and I am hanging on. But a small stool to couch then to the chair kinda works but I am kinda low in the couch so it sometimes is difficult but I can make it. Lots of work. I cross my legs or lay on my side but never in one spot long.
    I do love to get on the floor and rassle and tickle with the grandkids.
    I have a scooter that I get on in the yard and that is a life saver. At least I can swing them and get around faster. Of course, they get in my lap or in front of me and drive so they love that.
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    Getting on the floor isn't my problem - getting up is.

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    I am a T12 incomplete and was a preschool teacher for 6 years after my SCI. I got on and off the floor a million times. I would recommend the couch technique but you know your strength and I found that while in the beginning it was hard to transfer onto and off the floor from the chair luckily my arm muscles improved and I was able to do it.

    I have a rigid frame quickie (have always had 'em) and while transferring from floor to chair I would get the chair behind me put my hands and arms behind me and grap the chair tubing right next to the seat and push my way off the floor. I took it in stages...get my butt up to the foot tubes then my leg strap and then the's hard but if you have the muscles and/or enough compinsating muscles (and I got my quads back which makes it much easier) they get stronger and this transfer gets easier.

    I love getting on the floor to play with kids...I'm glad I figured out how to do that manuver.

    One last thing....while on the floor watch out for rug burns! I have the ability to crawl on my hands and knees (wobbily but I got those quadracepts - sp?) and instead of scooting on my butt to get to another location (within reason..otherwise I'd call for the kids to bring my chair back ) I would sometimes crawl...until the day my socks came off while I was crawling (couldn't feel it) and the tops of every one of my toes had a rug burn on it. It took a year to get them healed. The worst types to watch out for are burber and/or any tight low carpet like that. Just watch your skin....I've gotten rug burns on any part of my body that wasn't covered by clothes at the time I was on the floor.....hmm...

    Good luck

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