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Thread: can TM get worse??

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    Hi i have TM for 4 yrs now you feel like you have a really tight belt around your waist. Everyone is different i was left c-5 c-6 not walking but can move everything. any other questions feel free to ask anty
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    I actually do feel that, wow I thought it was just me, its right under my ribcage about 2 inches above my belly button. Here is a REALLY personal question, and U dont gotta answer it, I can feel down there, and when having sex I can feel it, I just cant that cause the guy isnt good or is it cause of my condition?? and if it is cause of my condition.....will I get better and maybe someday be able to orgasim??

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    Now you know what banding is, about same place of mine. Now for your other question I'll let the girls handle it. As for us guys, I am able to orgasim every now and then.
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    I've never actually had sex but I am saying in terms of being able to feel now...I was wondering if it actually ever gets better for the future

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    You should really check out KKI and the International Center for Spinal Cord at KKI with Dr. John McDonald. My son is a T-10 complete, but they offer encouragement and hope with restorative/repetitive therapy. They have seen substantial recovery from TM patients over 2 years out. I watched a 4 year old walk after having TM for 3 years. Don't give up!

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    Thank you but its not the same for everyone. Im not sure what TM i am but i dont have hip flexors, butt muscles, and much more. My legs are thin because i cant use them. It hurts to walk. I spent months in inpatient theropy trying toget better and NOTHING.

    Also i dont believe in hope to much extent anymore.

    Im a lil older and i dont have the energy (yes im only 16 but its not worth waisting my childhood in hospitals working for something that wouldnt make me any more or less of a person).

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    HTTWHEEL Where are you from? If you are 16 you can not give up i am 41 and have not given up hope still getting return and i am almost 5 yrs with TM. Try to fill out your profile so we can help you anty
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    I'd have to agree with anty ... this is the time you SHOULD be trying to get return. You aren't that far out .. you're young .. whatever you do now you're setting yourself up for the future. If you can walk a little now, try to expand on that and use that potential!

    I'm telling you right now you'll regret it if you don't.

    P.S. If you can't feel it when you pee - I highly doubt you're going to feel anything normal when you have sex. You will feel something - but it won't be close to normal. If you're only 16, you've got lots of time for that i.e. it's not a priority! This is your cyber mother speaking! lmao
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    My son's muscles are completely flaccid. He has nothing from the waist down. We can't give up hope. His injury from TM started at T4 and the damage included the rest of the cord. He also has nerve damage. We aren't giving up! We go to KKI for 1 week every 3 months and see Dr. Kerr. Their therapy can be followed at home.

    Please don't give up! There is hope!

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