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Thread: Microphone "combiner"

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    Microphone "combiner"

    Is there a "combiner" that will take input from two microphones and allow you to plug it in to the audio-in of your sound card? Like a stereo-splitter, but in reverse?'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    actually, a stereo splitter w/ 2 mini-plug female inputs w/ 1 male output should work. I know I have one of these lying around somewhere, but you can find them @ radio shack.

    for voice recognition stuff (assuming this is the intended use), I'm not sure it's the best idea b/c it will degrade the signal quality, as well as leave both mics plugged into it on simultaneously. It might be wiser to pick up another [inexpensive] sound card & use software to select which device you use for input at a given time... just a thought... dunno if it's the best solution or not.

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    I got a stereo splitter from RS, but it didn't work.

    The way my computer is situated, it's hard to get to the Sound Card (tight space). I have a regular headset I would like to plug in, and a telephone conversation recorder (what I used to record the Okarma interview). If I could combine the two of them, that would be great.

    (Or, optionally, an extender... one male, one female. The former would be easier, though.)
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    I think this is what you need:'s $45 when I looked.

    If you have a friend that is handy with electronics then this would probably be dirt cheap:

    Don't go the Radio Shack route, call a Music store (guitars, amps, studio mixers, etc.) in your area and explain what you need, that's where you'll find exactly what you need.

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    Han, thanks. I may just go with an extender (for 10% of the cost) to make things easier to switch out. I was hoping there was a small component like a stereo switcher that would work.


    Steven's worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Han's suggestion is better than mine... haha. Not sure why the stereo splitter wouldn't work, but I'll take your word for it.

    If you're using the computer for this stuff, why not just get a software-based phone system that records conversations? Do you have a recorder that sends out that little intermittent beep?

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