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Thread: Lumbar/Sacral Support

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    Lumbar/Sacral Support

    When im sitting in my wheelchair, I slump down when im wheeling my chair fast, or just sitting for a long period of time... Are there any support systems I could use to push my lumbar out to sit up straight? Also something to keep for sitting on my sacral? Its killing me..

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    There are lumbar supports that are designed to be attached to your chair back, or custom backs (such as the Jay back). A good PT or OT who is used to doing seating evaluations can make some recommendations for you. Some dump in your chair seat will also help to prevent the sliding forward, but you have to recognize that dump increases pressure on your ischiums, so weight shifts and properly fit cushions become even more important.


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    Cool, Thanks Alot, I will talk to my pt about

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