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Thread: Are there any children or teens with SCI in TN?

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    Hello and welcome to CC. We just moved from Knoxville to Wisconsin last year and thought I would tell you some helpful things we found while in Knoxville.
    The Patricia Neal Rehab Center at Fort Sanders Hospital was a very good experience, especially the OT's. They do pressure mapping for chair cushions there
    Dr Jeff Hecht, Physiatrist at U of T Hospital, very easy to work with
    Associated Therapeutics, it's a private therapy facility with gym equiptment that they worked with us to adapt and a clean pool with a lift and specialized equipment. Ask for Andy. We got this covered by insurance from a script from Dr. Hecht. It is mostly older folks but good with therapy.
    Van from Mobility Specialists on North Broadway in Knoxville, the dealer is c5 and extremely helpful with all conversions, lifts and general information.
    You might try the Knoxville Childrens Hopspital social workers to see if there are clients they could hook you up with-although it might be tricky with HIPPA laws, maybe they have a support group. There is also an ILC in Knoxville, it's downtown and they have alot of activities.
    Hope this is helpful, even though it's not exactly age-related. Deb

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    Hi Deb,

    Thank you for the information. Pat Neal refused us, because Ben is a child. I will try UT Hospital and Associated Therapeutics. We have been going to The Therapy Center for PT in Knoxville. Every 3 months we go to KKI in Baltimore. Our physiatrist, Dr. Ewa Brandys, is incredible. I am not familiar with ILC. Can you please elaborate?

    Thank you!


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