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Thread: my dad with incomplete C 6/7

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    my dad with incomplete C 6/7

    new member here.My dad broke his c 6/7 on December 6 was in ICU till about December 28 then on January 12 got moved up to rehab.He battled infections,trache,MRSA,and a hallo.I have found since doctors beat around the bush sometimes I find talking to people with the same situation the best therapy,my dad has full sensation in legs but cant move them we just pray that he will walk even with just a walker we'll take it.Next week sounds like he will be moved to the Courage Center another rehad facility.Any one out there with similar injury feel free to chat with me.

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    Does he have Central cord syndrome? Any chance you can get him into a CARF accredited rehab facility?

    Is he a veteran? If so, please check with the VA.

    For more info on paralysis check out Contact them and ask for a Paralysis Resource Guide as well as a new injury packet.

    Sorry you needed to find us, but glad that you have. Best to you and your family.
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    plundstrom, it's good that you found this place.

    How old is your dad?
    Are you in Minnesota? My husband also has an incomplete c6 injury, now 5 years ago. His family lives on Sweeney Lake, just across from the Courage Center . . . we usually go there in the summer.

    Does your dad have any other complications? It sounds like he spent a long time in ICU. This is--as you have already discovered-- a weird and horrible and long, long journey--but it's manageable with information and friends and some luck. Let us know how we can be helpful.


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