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    Hi, i´m T8, and we gonna have a baby in 7 months, so im searching for devices and advices from mothers with SCI, because i want to do EVERYTHING with my baby by mysellf.... any comments??

    i want to know about accesible tools, and tips....

    Thanks to all!!


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    Smile Congratulations!

    Well, good thing is you have about 7 months to prepare... - this is what we were discussing last year: -if you are handy with tools as well. For the first 9 months you don't have to worry that much, it's once the baby starts crawling, get gates and gate everything that's going to be off limits, they have the wonderfull swing out ones. As for bathing, hubby used to shower himself and both boys in turns with him. I just had to dry and cloth. Baby carriers make it easy to carry them. Hubby used the Baby Bjorn while we went shopping or at home, plus the babies love being close to big and worm body. As for changing diapers, dining room table will do - we have used nice thick blanket and a blue pad on top (save $$ on laundry). Once baby starts crawling and walking, the safest place for changing is the floor (at least for us - with two squirmers).
    Ours will be 2 on Monday, we still have many places off limits, but they are much better on taking the instructions. Those little leashes are helpfull if the baby is a runner.

    That's a few things I can think of.

    Good luck to you!


    (wife to t10 and mother of twin boys 3/27/04)

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    You can find some good information and links over at our sister website:


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    Congrats on the pregnancy!

    I'm a C6/7 father of a 12-month-old boy and have learned a few things.

    An accessible crib with swing out doors is a must. You can find info on my modified crib here ->

    Most changing tables don't allow for a chair to roll under them, so I bought a rectangle padded top card table from target, for like 20 bucks - works perfect!

    You'll find that picking them up off the floor can be challenging. I had my mother-in-law make me a cotton stork bag with two nylon straps. Simply place the baby on the material and use the nylon handles to lift him up. It was a lifesaver. I used it for getting him in and out of the car seat, out of his swing, off the sofa, etc... I have two of them that I no longer need - if you want them they're yours.

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    thanks a lot everyboody!! great advices, i think is gonna be easy, but sure is easyer when you know how!!

    loose, thanks for your offer, we are a little far from each other though...

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    You'll be fine, just think outside the box and stay creative

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    I'm a little late to respond here but my hubby stays home full time with our 9 month old. Hubby is C5. Some of the best advice we got was from this site. The card table for a changing table works great. We put a contoured changing pad on top of the card table. The baby stays put and there is room around the outside to store diapers, wipes, etc. Well, that is until baby starts throwing everything on the floor!! We were also told to get a highchair that reclines and is height adjustable and has wheels. I think most of them are like that now. We got one and use it constantly. Hubby has been putting baby in it since she was a few weeks old. He puts her in it to give her a bottle, if he has to get something done and needs his hands free. He uses it to let her play while he caths, he just drags the highchair into the bathroom with him. That highchair has been a total life saver for him. PLus she loves being in it. Hubby doesn't have the back strength or hand movement to be able to pick baby up from the floor so he never puts her on the floor. He does put her on the sofa and puts her toys up there with her and then he sits right in front of her and lets her play. We never got a modified crib. We went to babies r us and had hubby try each and every crib and found one that the rail dropped low enough that he could lift the baby out. It can be done, it's just thinking differently. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Good luck.

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    thanks again to everyone.... now, i dont have a bathtub in my shower, i use a plastic chair...any ideas to take a shower with the baby??

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