I had to do a victims impact statement after an assault almost 5 years ago. I was already disabled but the assault took away most of the use of my right arm. The person who assaulted me was one of my students and he was mentally ill, hearing voices.

I tried to keep it simple and straight forward. I talked about what I had personally lost as well as its impact on my young children, our family and our income. I talked about some of the daily issues and struggles.

I did stay away from the anger, and the more emotional components. I surprised many by asking for treatment vs. incarciration for the student.

For me, I had to dig deep and look at my personal values. Was any punishment going to restore me.....NO. I indicated that in my presentation.
I also indicated that many lives changed that day, including the person who assaulted me as well as his mothers. The damage was done and nothing would reverse that day.

I asked and got some financial restitution, not much as the mom had very little, but I did get some. I was reimbursed for child care as I could no longer take care of my 3 yr old....that alone made a significant impression.

The judge asked me some questions, good questions. In the end the student received an appropriate and VERY very restrictive sentencing, probably more so than if I had asked for prison time.

Each person has different things that they want acheived. I would simply suggest that you hold true to the values that you hold dear and speak from your heart.

Best to you and your family.