View Poll Results: Are you coming to the W2W Symposium/Rally on April 29-May 2

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  • Yes, I am coming to both the Symposium and Rally. I have registered.

    24 19.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Symposium but not the Rally on May 2.

    1 0.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Rally but can't make it to the Symposium.

    9 7.44%
  • No, I am not coming to the Rally or Symposium but will be there in spirit

    66 54.55%
  • No, I am not coming.

    21 17.36%
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Thread: The W2W Rally needs CareCure Members!

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    I'm working on the details... planning on being there for it all but I can't give a definite on that quite yet.

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    Senior Member canuck's Avatar
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    Not going to make it for same reasons as Lynnifer + I'm broke & my brother is getting married on May 6th

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    It is fare away and an expensive trip and I am afraid to travel alone for so many hours.
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    Lightbulb Just an Idea

    I know many folks are not able to make the trip but still want their voices heard. How about forming regional teams where others from your state can present your letters and picture on your behalf?

    Betheny has offered to assist someone from Michigan, I am happy to assist others as well. Start posting in your state thread or here and lets get everyone present, if not physically then with your picture and story in hand.

    Anyone else willing to help?
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    Great idea. Anybody from the New England region can contact me.


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    You going to attend? Let me know either on the boards or in PM
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Figures. It appears I spoke too soon. I won't be able to make it. I have a business trip that just came up. Sorry guys/gals. I was really looking forward to meeting those of you that will be attending...
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    Dang, I wish we could come. It will be a good opportunity to give things a push in the right direction, to make people more aware of the problems, and to meet some of the CC people. But just traveling any distance is, for now, out of the question; also, my work schedule interferes - the company has been good about letting me be fairly free with my hours, but I can only stretch their good will so far, and don't want to discover the snapping point!
    - Richard

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    Yes, I'll be attending. Coming in on Saturday, leaving Wednesday.

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    Bruce and I will be there . . . Cheese, I finally get to meet you!!

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