View Poll Results: Are you coming to the W2W Symposium/Rally on April 29-May 2

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  • Yes, I am coming to both the Symposium and Rally. I have registered.

    24 19.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Symposium but not the Rally on May 2.

    1 0.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Rally but can't make it to the Symposium.

    9 7.44%
  • No, I am not coming to the Rally or Symposium but will be there in spirit

    66 54.55%
  • No, I am not coming.

    21 17.36%
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Thread: The W2W Rally needs CareCure Members!

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    I am arriving on may 1st and staying over night to go to the rally on may 2nd. I wish i could be there for all the days but i cant. anty
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    Moe & Anty;

    Very cool that you will both be there!

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    I'm coming to the Keck Center on June 10th....would love to be at Rally, but financially, can't do both! I'll be with you all in spirit!

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    I plan on attending as much of the whole thing as I can. A lot depends on what I have come to call the J Squared Factor, meaning my children John and Jacquie...But it all looks good now.


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    By the way, if you voted, the software shows the poll results as soon as you come into the forum, without showing who voted for each option. To see who voted for what, click any of the underlined numbers of votes on the second column from the right. This will show the poll data with the names of members who voted for each option. Wise.

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    Sorry, we will be out of the country, but with you in spirit. I'd like to direct my son, who lives near DC, and has recently been dealing with his own spinal issues, to an event or two. Where can I find an agenda?

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    I can't go with my work schedule ... plus the fact that I'm Canadian ... but I sent a donation. Make a difference guys & gals!
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    Unfortunatly Italy is very far, so I am not coming, but I will be there in spirit!
    Thank to all of you for doing that!

    As a non US member should I vote anyway??


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    Yes--every vote matters. This is a community event--regardless of country. All are welcome. Unified effort.


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