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  • Yes, I am coming to both the Symposium and Rally. I have registered.

    24 19.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Symposium but not the Rally on May 2.

    1 0.83%
  • Yes, I am coming to the Rally but can't make it to the Symposium.

    9 7.44%
  • No, I am not coming to the Rally or Symposium but will be there in spirit

    66 54.55%
  • No, I am not coming.

    21 17.36%
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Thread: The W2W Rally needs CareCure Members!

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    Rick, that's such good news!

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    OK, we're in! Chad too!! It's not 100% sure that my son will come but it's likely too as a trip to DC is educational, right? WE'RE IN! We're staying where Curt Leatherbee is at a very cheap hotel on the outskirts - it's the only way we can stretch our budget now to do this.

    WE'RE IN!!!!!!!!!!

    Ami & CHAD!

    edited to add: will be there around lunch on Sunday to evening Sunday, not there at all on Monday and there all day Tuesday. Are there any "scholarships" available still for registration fees? We are stretched very thin at the moment and it would greatly help to have that $200 paid for us (I assume a 5 year old doesn't need to register?). Lastly, is there ANYONE who lives within an hour of DC that would put us up? We have portable ramps that can manage up to 5 (TOTAL, ground to in the house) stairs and a downstairs couch where I can put Chad for sleeping. My 5 year old and I can sleep either on the floor anywhere (truly, this is not a problem) or can stay in an extra bedroom. If anyone can do this for a perfect stranger, please PT me. Plan B is the hotel I mentioned
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    i am still looking at possiable cheina town buses and biffing on hotel rooms to see if its feasable for me. i probably would only go to the rally. hopefully someone will be video the presentations, so i can see them latter.
    i am more of a social person, i like to talk and chat
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