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Thread: Lcd Flat Screen Monitors

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    Lcd Flat Screen Monitors

    Wow, just hooked a new NEC LCD71v to my computer and it makes a huge difference in screen viewability. A lot easier on the eyes than my old 17 inch Crt. Well worth the $425.00.

    I notice as I get older my eyes are getting worse, I think maybe some of it has to due with looking at that CRT so many hours a day.

    The best deal I found on this monitor was online. If anybody wants to know where I got it for this price e mail me.

    The install was easy, used the existing power cord and just hooked up the new display cord and then reset the display in the control panel to 1280x1024.

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    yeah, they're great... I totally agree about the eye strain thing. I've got a 20" Apple display for work & it's awesome (albeit pricey). I'll only go back to a CRT if I get into super-critical color work... & it'll be a Lacie, hands down.

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    Congrats on new LCD monitor. Here's a tip if running Winxp:
    Go to start/control panel/display/appearance/effects and check the box "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" and choose "ClearType". This setting will make text look better on LCD monitors. Also, make sure you install drivers for your monitor (on cd or from website).


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    Thanks Steve, just did the clear type, your right seems to help out some.

    This NEC is a great deal, a new model for less money they just came out with. Some of the other model nec's in a 17 inch are well over $500.00. My Crt is such a tank compared to this, it takes up a lot less room on the desk than the Crt.

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    They are great!
    I got a 17" Dell alot easier on the eyes

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    One thing I cant figure out with this monitor is why some text is so small and yet I have everything set on extra large. My e mail text is small and some articles are small and yet the text on this site is big. Could it be HTML that is showing up small for some reason and how do I fix this? anybody know? I have Fonts set to extra large, 1280 x 1024 setting.

    The other question I have it set to 75hz, I see I can set the refresh rate as low as 60hz, am I better off with the higher or lower number?

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    From NEC Website for NEC LCD71v:
    Recommended Resolution:
    1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz

    Make sure you have drivers installed including the correct color profile (icm file). You can download current ones from NEC support. To see if drivers are installed, go to display/settings/advanced/monitor and see if correct monitor is listed. If it says "non plug and play monitor", you have generic windows driver. To check color profile, click on Color Management tab (right of monitor tab).

    I saw that the nec drivers don't come with an install program, so unless you have them on a cd, you'll have to install them manually. If you need help, just mention it here.


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    Thanks Keyboard, I just lowered the frequency down to 60hz from the 75hz it was on and it looks better. I have the resolution set to 1152x864 now and adjusted the font size and really like what I am seeing now. For some reason when I am on 1280x1024 I cannot get the font sized correctly and the image displayed just does not look right, icons appear too small. I beleive it is the correct driver I have installed. I guess I will leave it alone at this point. It looks real good, probabley not quite as sharp as 1280x1024, but pretty close.

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    Originally posted by Curt Leatherbee

    I notice as I get older my eyes are getting worse, I think maybe some of it has to due with looking at that CRT so many hours a day.
    Yes, I agree about the eyestrain with the CRT.


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    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that the higher the refresh rate, the clearer the picture and the better on your eyes.

    I have a samsung 17" LCD TFT and the quality is far better at 75 Hz. Same as big screen TV, I guess, 100Hz better than 50?

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