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Thread: RI-MAN - Will this robot ever replace your PCA?

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    RI-MAN - Will this robot ever replace your PCA?

    I don't think so!

    If RiMan tried to carry me like this, the weight of my arse would quickly drag me through to the floor!! It would help to be Japanese, petite and lightweight, sans spasms!
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    I like the fact that it is soft all over and is programmed to figure out the best way to lift and carry a person safely. Why not? I can even imagine the name of such a robot: Icare.


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    Me too! I'd love to have one! I, Robot here we come!
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    I would get one and still keep my female PCA's.

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    Can i have 1 in purple please lol
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    At first

    I thought he was a Rhode Island man

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