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Thread: Where could I get that thing?

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    Where could I get that thing?

    I cannot remember where I saw someone with something that seem like a "net/basket" under the wheelchair to put stuff like books etc.
    I really need one of those. Where can I buy one?
    Help please!
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    I got mine thru the people who sold me my chair. You could contact them if you went thru a dealer.

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    Hey Luz-
    I have one under my chair, you probably saw it when you were down in FL. I don't know where my original one came from, but the one I've got now, I bought it from someone on e-bay. I've seen them on there since. The brand name is Diestco. Manufacturer's phone number on the label is 1-800-795-2392. You may be able to buy direct from the manufacturer and not have to pay a retailer's upcharge. I LOVE my net and use it for EVERYTHING.....It's always got stuff thrown in it...
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