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Thread: Brooke Ellison, 27-year old ventilator dependent Harvard graduate runs for NY Senate

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    Brooke Ellison, 27-year old ventilator dependent Harvard graduate runs for NY Senate
    Brooke Ellison, 27, a Harvard graduate who is running for a seat in November in the New York state senate as a Democrat. Ellison, a quadriplegic who was paralyzed at 11 after a car hit her, wants to show people they can leap past barriers in life and politics.

    For those of you have not met Brooke Ellison, I urge you to do so. She is one of my favorite people on this earth and of course the subject of the Brooke Ellison Story, a 2004 TV movie directed by Christopher Reeve, a month before he died. You can support her campaign at

    Come and meet Brooke Ellison at the W2W Rally in Washington DC on May 2 in the Upper Senate Park. The first quadriplegic graduate of Harvard University in 2000, she received a bachelor of science magna cum laude in cognitive science and a master's degree in public policy from Kennedy School of Government in 2004 motivational speaker, Brooke's Corner column, stem cell research advocate, she wrote the book Brooke Ellison Story: One Mother, One Daughter, One Journey. She is running to become a New York State Senator from Long Island, New York. Come and support Brooke on May 2.

    The Rally is by people with spinal cord injury to support Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act and remember Christopher and Dana Reeve. Dana's good friend Susan Sarandon will be hosting the rally. I suspect that there will be many members of the Senate and House of Representatives showing up to honor Dana Reeve and her contributions. There will be a symposium from April 28-May 1, reviewing the latest in spinal cord injury research.

    See Susan Sarandon, Brooke Ellison, Dr. Young to speak at W2W Rally topic in the Funding, Legislative, and Advocacy Forum for more information. Register for the Working to Walk Rally at
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    I read Brooke's book and saw the movie. Quite a remarkable young woman and an amazing family.

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    Susan M,

    The greatest thing, in my opinion, about the rally in Washington DC last April was the opportunity to meet many people that I had only known through this web site or had only heard about but never met in person. Last year, I met Cody Unser and felt her passion. I met so many other people from this site for the first time... including November, BostonDad and Chuck, JDR, Faye, and so many others. The most amazing thing is that many people are quite different from one's expectation. Of course, I had met some of the CareCure members at earlier meetings in Neurotrauma but it was a joy to see them again. And finally, of course, the best part was I got to hug everybody, including Dana, Cheesecake, Toots Kazoo, Betheny, and you!

    I think that you will really like Brooke and her mother and father.

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    Thx, Wise. It's always a pleasure to see you-- a highlight of our last two trips east. It was so great in DC last April to see people I'd met in NYC the previous year and to meet many more in person for the first time. So many tremendous folks coming together with a united voice. Wonderful and empowering.

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