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Thread: Does anyone have questions they'd like to have answered by Mark Zupan of Murderball?

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    Does anyone have questions they'd like to have answered by Mark Zupan of Murderball?

    Okay, scratch the "director of Murderball" post. NCSU is killing me with misinformation...much like the Bush administration.

    Zupan will be on campus next Wednesday (not this wednesday) and will be answering questions after a screening of the film.

    Are there any questions that you'd like to have him answer?

    My first question will involve his comments about not really caring about the cure and whether or not he was serious when he said that he's not sure he'd even take the cure if it came along.

    Any others?
    "Your love is just the antidote when nothing else will cure me" ~Sarah McLachlan

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    How long did it take to get your leg Tatoo'd Zupan!?

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    Do you have to deflate your enourmous ego to fit through doorways?

    No, seriously...your question about whether or not he'd take the cure has to be number one on that list JDR...

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    If you could have the full use of your hands and arms but would be only a mediocre w/c basketball player, would you do it and if not, why not?
    "Sometimes I just sets and thinks...
    and sometimes I just sets.

    Otis Redding I think

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    Excellent questions...keep 'em coming.
    "Your love is just the antidote when nothing else will cure me" ~Sarah McLachlan

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    My questions would be:

    The reality of the film and it's no hold bar intensity seemed to carry over into the promotional aspects of the film. Which I perfectly understand, as a documentary. I found it unfortunate that under the promotional quidelines a major social opportunity to further educate the general public of the plight of people living with paralysis was left out. This is a fine line. In your opinion, do you find this so and would you do anything different if the promotion was just starting?

    You seem to speak your mind. Did the nature of the film and its promotional aspects fall in line with who you are as a person or did the requirements for promotion shape the way you communicated to the public?

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    Do you believe you have a responsibility to inform the public about the dark side of spinal cord injury? For example, SCI's with high injuries that can't do anything on their own, those on ventilators, and those who struggle with depression. I like you, am also a very incomplete quad. I feel like I have a responsibility to educate the public about the human suffering caused by SCI. Spinal Cord Injury isn't a walk in the park for other's like it is for you and I. Please let the public know the whole picture.

    Good luck at the Nationals next month.


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    With Murderball being as successful as it was,if he or anybody has been approached to do another film? or if he has any plans of his own on another film..

    Oh yeah,and does he fear Jesse...

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    I saw him play at regionals last weekend. Their region was going on in the same place and time as mine. Ask why he wears a sleve on his right arm, but not the left.
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Where is his quad belly? At least I didn't notice one. Curious as to whether he has abs going or whether it is minimal as he is in good shape/lean as as elite athlete.


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