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Thread: Does anyone have questions for the directors of Murderball?

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    Does anyone have questions for the directors of Murderball?

    Murderball is being screened in the campus cinema at school on Wednesday night. Immediately afterward, the film's director will be taking questions from the audience. I'm not anticipating a huge crowd so if anyone has any questions that they'd like answered about the film, post them here.

    If I get the chance to be there, I'll be sure to ask them (I have class right up until Q&A time). If I can't make it, I'll pass the questions along to someone who will be there.

    Ask away.

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    the only thing that i can think of is why so much emphasis on Joe Soares and his family.. who cares...? i mean, he didn't make the team, left for Canada, hates Zupan, called a woman a bitch... that's a wrap.. the rest was filler material that i know that i could have done without..

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    It's called drama...creative tension...


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