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Thread: What stim unit do you use?

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    What stim unit do you use?

    I'd like to get a stim unit and would like to know if some stim owners can help me out. I'll be paying out of pocket. I guess I'd like to know....

    1. What device you have.
    2. How much did it cost?
    3. Do you like it?
    4. Is it easy to use?
    5. Is there a better unit you recommend?

    If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it!

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    1) I use the EMPI.
    2) Cost was 1300 but paid by insurance. They do have refurbished units and self pay prices. Work with a customer rep.
    3) I like it alot. It is compact, light, easy to handle, fits in sweat pants, hooks on waist band of clothes.
    4) I find it VERY easy to use and set up
    5) Nope, I have no other recommendations.
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    Jaycue, check out my older thread:
    Also an EMPI, 800 out of the pocket, insurance said f u.
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    Mine was covered to treat pain as well as loss of function. Pain was the key to insurance paying. The NEMS/EMPI has a tens function built in that Medicaid/Medicare will cover. If rejected, appeal!
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    I do alot of stim and have only used the EMPI. Its simple, even my PCA's get the hang of it after a while....and they ain't the brightest bulbs. It has lots of pre-programmed settings for different muscles, plus your PT/OT can give you custom setting parameters to program in.

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    While it's not an EMPI, I have a small unit I got for $130. It has served me well .. helping to recover a number of muscle groups for me, most notably my right hamstring. Mine is about four years old now .. still works, in fact I'm now using it to try to strengthen my right hip flexor. They also have a good selection of stick-on electrodes that have also worked well for me.

    It's at .. the two units shown are for muscle stimulation .. the company also sells units for pain.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I had a feeling Empi was going to be the most widely used. I also found these sites in the old threads. Some of the features are comparable to the empi, but I don't know enough about stim units to decide what's good and what's not.

    If you click on the links there's a tech link you can click on.
    here's the cheaper model

    this other site has a few units, including a nice digital one but is pretty vague on their descriptions.

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    hi , can you tell me the current type the EMPI offers and will it work on flaccid muscles?

    i have a EMS unit and when i use it on my bf , i don't see any contractions on the flaccid muscles, just on the weak ones. and do you need the maximal intensity to stimulate the muscle?

    Where can i buy one?


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