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Thread: Quads who drive

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    Question Quads who drive

    For the quads who drive what type of equipment do you use? Where did you purchase it from? Who is the manufacturer of the equipment?

    I may get the opportunity to look into driving sometime this year and I want to do some research on the kind of equipment that I will need. I know I'll have to go through an evaluation but I would like to do some research before that.

    Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    i use the pretty much standard system of a hand control, i think it's called the monarch. i got it with the van from another wheelchair user, so i did not purchase it. i also have a spinner knob for sharp turns. i'm c6, but my right hand is strong enough to use a knob instead of the pins and tri-pins and stuff.

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    150 ford econoline
    cuff/push/pull monarch brake gas
    braun swing away lift
    ez lock drive from power chair

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    C5/6..Ricon lift..6 way power seat..Suregrip hand controls..and fork on the wheel.

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    It depends a lot on your ability and what you will be driving. You will probably want reduced effort steering besides the standard hand controls. When you get evaluated, the instructor will hopefully help you figure out what your needs are.

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    c4-5 inc. dodge intrepid. standard mpd hand controls. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    My set up is the same as Shaun's excpet I do not know what type of hand controls I have.
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    HQ, I see you're C4-5 but what are your abilities? Do you use a power or manual? Can you transfer? Are you strong enough to steer and brake? All of this is obviously important in considering your vehicle. My philosophy is keep it as simple as possible. The less crap you have to breakdown, the better you are.

    I'm C5-6, drive a van with a Braun left, 6 way power seat, and (I think) MPD hand controls.

    Don't let the OT doing the driver eval make your setup too complicated. They like all the high-tech stuff and it's just more junk to break.
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    Classified as a C4/5 but function more as a C5 with some minor functions of a C6. Will probably need some of the more sophisticated electronic equipment but you are right I want to go with with the least complicated I can use. I'll have to drive from the wheelchair.

    Thanks for the information so far.
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    I use the tri-pin spinner, works great. I use a right-angle gas/brake lever. I like it better than push/pull because you can use the weight of your arm to help keep the gas goin. I transfer into a 6-way power seat. Very comfortable. My first van I used a EZ lock, which worked great too. My lift is the Braun Vangater. It works well. I had a Braun swing away in my first van. Very nice lift as well, and it requies less space next to ya to get in and out.

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